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YFA 811



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This film is part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection and contains footage from a trip to Scotland. There are shot of lochs, ferries and town in Oban, Dunollie Castle and Inverary as well as shots from a Highland event.

The film opens with a shot of a road sign which reads `Scotland'.

Title-A Holiday in Oban.

Title-Inverary Castle.

The next shot is a panning shot which takes in the loch, the castle, the mountains and surrounding area. A ferry pulls into a small harbour-side and a car is unloaded from it; there are some small boats dotted about the harbour.

Title-Pulpit Hill.

There is a shot from one side of the lake looking across at a ferry that is sailing across. There are views of the harbour-side and houses that are on the surrounding hills.

Title-Seal Island. One hour's sail from Oban.

The shots are taken from a boat which is sailing parallel to the shore. There are lots of seals on the island and they make their way into and out of the water. The shot then cuts to a town centre where a kilted pipe band marches through the streets where they stop and carry on playing for a crowd of people.

There is a shot of a car driving past a road sign for `Inveraray'.

Title-Judges at the Highland Gathering.

A group of men stand around in a field talking while some people perform a Highland dance on a stage which is surrounded by spectators. There are other sporting events being held including: wrestling, tossing the caber and the high jump.

Title-The Sword Dance.

A group of dancers perform this dance and then the shot cuts to another marching pipe band making their way across the event field. There is more footage of the high jump and of the marching band. There are some brief shots of sheep wandering along a road and seagulls flying across the lake surface.

Title-Dunollie Castle.

There is a shot of the castle in the background and a few people walking along the path away from it in the direction of the camera.

Title-Falls of Cruachan.

A small waterfall runs down along rocks and continues on in the direction of the camera.

Title-Ben Cruachan Loch Etive.

There is a shot from a distance away looking at a mountain that is visible in the background.

Title- Connel Bridge.

A steam train passes along a bridge that runs along high up and passes over a viaduct. There is a very brief shot of a couple walking over on the footpath that runs at the sides of the tracks.

A ferry has docked at the harbour and is being loaded with cargo. The ferry sails away from harbour again.

Title-Tarbet Loch Lomond.

There is a shot from a height looking down across the loch and surrounding land. There is a shot of a woman buttering slices of bread beside her car and then eating them with another man.