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YFA 50



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday in Scotland.


The film starts with a landscape of moors and mountains, with sheep in the foreground. They take a boat journey across a loch, and there are views of the waterfalls and a mountain river. A flock of rams and sheep are herded through a mountain pass by a herdsmen and sheepdog. Next to Loch Shiel is the Glenfinnan monument.

A man is fishing near the falls as they empty into the loch. On another boat journey they pass a building with a small lighthouse on land. An aeroplane passes overhead. Ships and boats are in anchor at a dock.

Intertitle - Scott's Country

A statue of Scott is seen through a large gothic tower, where there is a flower bed made in the design of a clock and nearby a large country house. There is a sign for 'Jedburgh - the Abbey, Queen Mary's House', followed by the ruins of the Abbey.

Intertitle - Mallaig and Skye

There is a harbour with boats and a ferry. A woman feeds the seagulls. They cross on the ferry.

Intertitle - Young Lochiel brings home his bride

Two highland bandsmen parade down a street followed by cars, with people looking on from the pavement.

Intertitle - The Colvend Coast - Solway Firth

There is an estuary that leads into the sea, with the surrounding coastline. Two women walk along the rocky beach and children are playing in the sand. The women collect shells, which are shown in close-up.

Intertitle - Real Scotch

An elderly woman knits at an old weaving machine in traditional costume, and the film ends with some sheep.

The End