Film ID:
NEFA 21550



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This film by Ronald Pringle records excursions into mainly Scottish countryside and coastal areas. The only excursion outside of Scotland is a visit to Lindisfarne, in Northumberland.

The film opens to show mountain scenery. A general view shows a castle in a loch, which may be Eilean Donan castle, standing on a small tidal island where three lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland.

Water skiers on an unidentified lake go through their paces using a jumping board. Slow motion in this sequence shows the skiers technique.

General views follow of small sailing boats on a lake. A number of them go through a lock system before reaching open water. This sequence may have been filmed at Crinan.

General views follow of boats on a canal and on a lake, including a boat named 'Bintentha'. General views show a turbulent river and a skeletal steel bridge, followed by a shot of a stone bridge across a river.

A number of shots follow taken from a TV screen of Second World War footage with planes attempting to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, plus other sea battles.

The film cuts to general views of a river with a cottage in the middle distance, followed by a brief shot of two teenage boys fishing. General views follow of lakes and mountains with fast moving clouds crossing the landscape and moorland with lakes.

The next sequence shows a chair lift up a mountain in operation. General views follow of a mountain landscape with roads, traffic and sheep grazing.

A roadside notice shows timetables for a clear crossing via the causeway to Lindisfarne in Northumberland. The sea has retreated from the causeway as vehicles travel along it. Drivers pass the well known hut or refuge which is roughly half way along the causeway.

Some teenagers fish near to the refuge. Speeded up film follows that shows the incoming tide.

General views show Lindisfarne Castle with a flag flying with cars parked on grass verges. The film cuts to a road sign, which reads: ' Beal 1, Holy Island 5'. Another roadside notice shows another set of tide tables.

Traffic passes the refuge and general views show various parts of the island. The tide encroaches on the causeway. More general views follow of the village on Lindisfarne, with a view across the sea to Coquet Island. Cattle cool off in the sea near to the shore.

The film cuts to two teenage girls looking at a fish pond in a small garden, they both wear flat caps. One of them has the name Fiona embroidered onto it. They take their caps off and wander around the garden. The film ends with the two girls looking straight at the camera.