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YFA 2417



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This is a film made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer in Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire which documents a family holiday to Scotland.

The film opens with a sign - Welcome to Scotland. Following this are shots of the Scotland First House where over 10,000 marriages have been performed since 1830. The mother and her two daughters can be seen exiting the house. This is followed by footage of a man playing the bagpipes. There is a sign for The Standing Chain followed by footage of a ferryboat coming into dock. Cars are driven off the boat. Scenic views of the lake and surrounding countryside follow, and the family sits by the water's edge. They then make their way onto a tour boat which sails around the lake. Footage is taken from the deck of the large boat. Some of the passengers can be seen as well as those who wait at a passing dock.

Later, the family tour through the countryside. There is more scenic footage taken, and there are animals that graze in the hills. Following this is footage of a dock and then scenes taken from the front of a car as it makes its way across a metal bridge. They then arrive at Great Glen Castle Ranch, and there are scenes of the different attractions including the surrounding countryside, gardens, and exterior shots of the castle.

Sign - Church of Scotland, Grantown South, Minister The Rev. Donald Ross DD

The family make their way into the church, and members of the congregation can be seen exiting the church after services. This is followed by scenic footage of the surrounding countryside and villages. The family make their way to other tourist destinations, and some of the footage is taken from the car is it makes its way along the country roads.

Sign - Stop Devil's Elbow Engage Low Gear

Again, footage is taken from the car of the winding road and the nearby village. The film closes with scenes of a woman, followed by a little girl, riding on a large toy rocking horse.