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This film is a compilation of local events around the town of Scissett during the 1930s. Included are garden parities, 1937 Coronation celebrations, swimming and diving, and an excursion by the Dearne Valley Wheelers to Stamford Bridge.

Title - Scisset [sic] Parish News Reel
C.E.M.S. Garden Party at Spring Grove 1933.

People have gathered at a garden party to raise funds for the local church. They relax in the gardens, play golf, and participate in other lawn games. There are many people in the kitchen preparing food and washing up dishes. This is followed by shots of more people enjoying themselves at the party including one of the priests.

Title - Mr. Tom Morley

There is a shot of Mr. Morley followed by men playing golf. Some of the party-goers sit at tables inside while others play tennis.

Title - A Small Garden Party was held at Winder for the organ fund.

A man is relaxing in a hammock, ladies laugh, and people play lawn games.

Title - Presentation to Mr. Libbey

All the ladies attending the party are seated in chairs lined up along the lawns. On the back patio, members of the church and those who organized the fundraiser sit in front of the crowd. There are a few speeches, and the priest is presented with a gift. Following this is more footage of the crowd including a small group of boy scouts.

Title - The Bishop of Wakefield says a few words. Introduced by Mr. R.J.H. Beanland.

Following this intertitle are more speeches which are applauded by the crowd.

Title - Coronation Celebrations Scissett 1937

Townspeople decorate the city centre on a day which looks cold and damp.

Title - Many hands make light work.

Lots of ladies are cooking in the kitchen. Tables are full of whole loaves of bread which they slice to make sandwiches. After which, the ladies take a tea break, and some of them joke and smile and the camera.

Title - The guard of Honour.

A procession begins. Included are a brass band and a fancy dress parade. There are also decorated floats.

Title - What's this? A Fire?

Brief shot of smoke coming from the middle of the procession.

Title - No. Only the Fire Engine.

A few younger boys push an old fire engine through the town streets.

Title - Behold Ye King of Carnival.

A carriage passes with the King, and there is a shot of women laughing as they watch from the street. There is more footage of the crowd.

Following this is a religious service which is held on some open land near town. Men and women have lined up, and there is a priest which stands in front of the crowd. A brass band is playing, and the rolling landscape can be seen in the background. Three men from the Honour Guard come forward towards the priest. One of the men is holding a flag, and as the priest comes forward, he blesses it. The flag is then unravelled and laid on a stack of drums. There are shots of the crowd including the conductor of the brass band. The men then receive the flag once again and raise it in salute with other flags and servicemen in formation. The procession then continues on back through town where a crowd which lines the streets eagerly awaits.

Title - An Exhibition by the "Boys"

The boys dive in unison into the pool from a multi-level platform. Then the divers take turns diving form the highest platform by themselves, then while carrying another swimmer on their backs.

Title - A chain dive.

The boys dive off the side of the pool.

Title - How it should be done! My Miss Bessie Exley

Miss Exley gives a diving demonstration, and this is followed by footage of many swimmers having fun swimming in the indoor pool.

Title - Something went wrong with the camera!

The film is spiced back to front so it appears that the divers are coming out of the pool and back onto the diving boards. The footage is also shot at a fast running speed to provide a comical effect.

Title - Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

On a school playground, there are schoolchildren playing. The boys are running around and playing with a ball. Some of them sit on a stone wall while others sit on a windowsill. On the other side of the playground, the girls have gathered together to pose for the camera.

Title - Presentation of the Prizes by Mrs. Dew.

A large crowd has gathered on a field near town. A small table has been set up from which Mrs. Dew presents children with trophies and plaques.

Title - The Beacon at High Hoyland

There is a huge stack of wood which has been set up in preparation for a bonfire, and the men responsible for setting this up are lined up in front of the structure. There is close up footage of the men, all of whom wear flat caps.

Title - Decorations at Wakefield.

There is a brief shot of Wakefield city centre which is decorated with bunting.

Title - Dearne Valley Wheelers' Run to Stanford Bridge, Sunday July 31st 1932.
The Start, early morning, and the operator was not out to see them off.
The first top was at the new inn, and after lunch, we start away in pouring rain.

The cyclists are gathered to set off on their journey. Most of them wear ponchos to protect themselves from the rain.

Title - Arriving at Stamford Bridge, we take a look round the village, where se see a fisherman at work but no fish.

The cyclists walk up to the fence near the bridge where a single man is fishing.

Title - A view of the waterfall by the Old Mill

Brief shot of the waterfall.

Title - The Lock Gates

Men turn the Lock Gates, letting a boat through the lock. The boys are lined up along the fence to watch.

Title - The Wheelers take to water, and go for a trip up the river.

The Wheelers are in rowboats and paddle along the river. Some boats carry couples, and others up to four passengers. There are smaller boats which can be seen moored along the riverside.

Title - A Start for Home is made in Glorious Sunshine.

Grouped together, the Wheelers get ready to set off home in noticeably sunnier weather. They are all now dressed in short-sleeved shirts, and the cyclists set off down the road which is full of traffic.

Title - Good running on the way home.

The film closes with a shot of the cyclists on a country road.