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YFA 2935



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This film is a dramatisation of a young lady who goes through the application process, secures a job at the factory, and then proceeds to work her way through the training school lessons and exercises teaching new workers the proper way to work in sewing and needlepoint.

The film opens with a sign on a wall reading - Leeds Education Committee - Youth Employment Office - Great George Street
There are two young women walking down a sidewalk to the Employment Office where they enter the waiting room. Here, the two women fill out application forms. They then proceed to the ladies room for a quick hair check in the mirror before heading into the offices for individual interviews. Following the interview, the young woman enters the medical department where a nurse is giving a patient and eye exam, a dentist is tending to another patient, and one more man is receiving a hand massage.

After a visit to the medical department, one woman shows another woman different fabric swatches with various kinds of designs and stitching on them. The young woman who had started out interviewing for the position also looks at the swatches. Some of these women then move onto a classroom for a short lesson.

The mail carrier walks down a residential street delivering mail when the young lady receives a letter which she opens and reads.

Workers at the Burton factory school begin prepping the lessons for the next day, checking the equipment, labelling areas for students, and running an overall inspection of the classroom and teaching facilities.

The students arrive at the school, ask a security guard for directions, and proceed to a classroom where a teacher is ready and waiting for the arrival of the new students. After filing into the classroom the ladies are shown how to use their time cards with the punch clock. The rest of the morning is spent working at the sewing machines. During a break time, two of the students walk outside around the grounds where there are colourful flowers on one side of the walk and older men playing bowls on the grass close by. In the afternoon, a nurse and teacher give the lesson in a lecture theatre, and afterwards it is back to the sewing machines. At this point, a few older women come into the classroom to give individual one on one lessons to some of the students. Then after a brief time at the needlepoint station, the girls hand in their punch cards to end the day, and two of the students make their way home down a busy city street.