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YFA 1152



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This is a series of short films made by John A Wilkinson that roughly falls into two parts - a school's outing and an athletics event, possibly a school sports day - but there is also a short film of a carnival and a visit to Durham Cathedral.

The film begins by showing some school children followed by a woman and a man, and then a film shot from a moving bus, passing a power station. The film then switches to a school trip, with pupils stood next to a large steel building. Then we see brief film of York Minster, the Shambles and the city walls in York, and the boys sitting back in their coach. Then film of Lendal Bridge going over the River Ouse in York and a water wheel. The school party are sat on some grass with the Minster in the background, then on to Clifford's Tower and the Railway Museum.

The film then switches to a school sports day with some field events, followed by a carnival with various floats, children on horseback and in fancy dress and a scout's marching band. Again the film switches to a visit of Durham Cathedral, with views from the top, before moving back to film of young athletes on a training field, sprinting, disc throwing etc.. The film finishes with quite a long section on an athletics event, with track events involving men and women, and younger competitors; possibly Heats and Finals Hillsborough City Sports 1971, with Wilkinson's son winning a trophy in the 200 yards.