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YFA 3706



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This short film made by John A Wilkinson documens a school's outing to Conisborough Castle, located in Doncaster, in May , 1968.

Title - Conisborough Castle
Filmed by J A Wilkinson
Guest stars from 1p
Mrs Morten Thorpe
And Mr Stene
May 1968

Children leave the coach as they arrive at the castle. Three boys with worksheets lean against the castle making notes.

Sign - Conisborough Castle.

Four boys who are walk in the grounds can be seen from the top of the castle. Mrs Morten Thorpe and Mr Stene stand in the stair well of the castle. Holding worksheets, the children walk around the castle, looking out at the building ruins. Mr Stene stands at the top of the castle. A boy walks around the inside of the castle on a walk way, and two boys play fight in the grounds of the castle and up the steep hill. Two girls walk down the steep hill from the castle, and five boys run down the grass slope from the castle. Mr Stene leads the children out of the castle.

Sign - Museum and art gallery.

The film closes with Mr Wilkinson's son as he walks through the garden gate and up the garden path. He is wearing his school uniform.