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YFA 477



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This film features school trips to Liverpool and North Wales including Conway Castle and Swallow Falls.

Title - Visit to Liverpool 1938
The film opens with people in a small motorboat. There are many boats in the Liverpool Harbour. A school group walks around the town streets, and a few school boys gather around. The chaperones for the trip are also featured in the film, and many of the older members of the group sit on the boat deck.
Title - School trip to North Wales 19th June 1937 Conway and its Castle
A large group of school children can be seen walking through the entranceway and touring the castle grounds, and a view of the coastline can be seen from the castle.
Title - The Swallow Falls
The group is lined up along the bridge nearby to get a view of the scenic waterfalls. This is followed by much of the surrounding mountains and countryside including shots of a stone bridge, castle, and small cottage. Here, and older woman can be seen dressed in costume - possibly a tour guide. Near the cottages, sheep cross the stream using stones and a crossway, also featured is a water wheel, usually used to power watermills, can also be seen.
The film then closes with a few brief family scenes.