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YFA 4889



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr of school trip to Derbyshire.

The film begins on a sunny day with a group of school children getting off a train.  The train is being pulled by a steam locomotive, possibly at Hope Station.  All the boys and girls have got either rucksacks or duffle bags.  They walk up to a church which has a well dressing, and look at other well dressings.  Some of them get ice creams before setting off walking down a country road.  They stop to have lunch up on a hill.  They then go paddling in a stream.  They are joined by a man and a woman. 

The film switches to show them on a stony beach going into the sea for a swim.  It then returns to the group out in the countryside and sat outside a shop, R & A Barnsdale.   The group, with quite a few adults (possibly a different group), are again seen out walking before the film returns to show the boys swimming in the sea.  The film then switches to show the family on deckchairs on a sandy beach, where a group of boys are playing.  The group of boys is then walking around the battlements of a castle, looking out with a view onto hills in the distance.  They can then be seen on the banks of a fast flowing mountain stream as the film comes to an end.