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NEFA 21713



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A home movie by Austen McOlvin Laws of a trip into the Northumberland countryside with views across what is possibly the snow-topped Simonside Hills. The film changes to a sports day for his daughter’s school, the Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School in Jesmond, showing pupils and parents taking part in various sporting events.

The film begins with three children running through a field of recently cut hay. In the distance, a car is parked along a track and two people making their way across the field. From a hill overlooking a valley snow-capped hills are seen in the distance. A boy in a red jumper is joined by two others who come up the hill.

A mounted sign reads ‘Take Care to not start Fire’. The camera pans to show fields and the valley below. A man, two women and a girl make their way along a rough track.

The film changes to the sports field at the Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School and young girls in green uniforms taking part in an egg and spoon race. Watched by other pupils and adults girls take part in another race, this time in pairs where one girl is skipping while the other walks on all fours with a scarf around their waist.

The film changes to another part of the field where a crowd watches as older girls taking part in the high jump. Back on the track, younger girls take part in a sprint race.

From over the shoulders of the adults watching a number of women complete a mother’s race. The film ends with the fathers taking part in a sack race which is won by a man who rather than jumps waddles across the line.