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Made by Rev. Underwood, this film documents the annual nativity play at the local school in Carleton-in-Craven, a small village in North Yorkshire.

Title - Christmas 1972 - A glimpse of the play group

The film opens with a group of women and smaller children holding hands in a circle dancing.

Title - Christmas 1972 - The School's Presentation (including "Scrooge")

Decorating the stage there is artwork of the nativity scene, three wise men, etc. In a classroom, the children are seated, all in costume, some reading, waiting for the play to begin. Teachers/parents are putting the finishing touches on some of the costumes. The children then enter onto the stage performing different scenes from the 12 Days of Christmas. There are also singers, the Holy family and a nativity scene, and a shortened production of A Christmas Carol or "Scrooge." All the actors then come on stage for curtain call and take a bow.

Then it is back to the children from the beginning of the film with their mothers playing Ring-Around-the-Roses.

Title - All Their Own Work at - Carleton School

The children's artwork is set up on display at the school on 6th July. Artwork includes flowers, butterflies, stuffed animals, papier mache, Toad and the Gaoler's Daughter, The Barge Woman and her Horse, The Picnic, The Caravan, and model artwork.

Title - The Fair Class 3

Here there is a carnival scene in miniature, and 'our family' drawings.

Title - The End