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YFA 4808



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Members of Blenheim Boys School, Leeds take a summer holiday to the Switzerland. The sights and towns all seem to be in the Canton of Bern, or the Bernese Oberland.

The film begins with shots of the Swiss countryside taken from inside a train or coach. The Parkhotel des Alpes, a large, picturesque chalet with bright green shutters, can be seen. A boy wanders around gardens full of flowers, and two older boys set off on an expedition. This is followed by Swiss street scenes: shots of a number of wooden chalets, with occupants posing outside, or out of windows, village square, shot of paper shop, and two boys strolling back with parcel. The school group is accompanied by chaperones. The students wear knitted jumpers, woolly hats and many have camera cases. They pass in front of a bus marked 'Interlaken - Wilderswil', so presumably are somewhere between the two (Interlaken?)

The Niederhorn ferry is docked in Lake Thun, and then it can be seen sailing across the lake, with mountains behind. The film is being taken from another boat. This is followed by shots of an interior of small, open boat. One older boy is filming with possibly, an 8mm cine camera. Boys are sitting on the railing and deck of the boat, looking at the mountains. This s followed by images of unidentified machinery - possibly the boat's motor.

The boat docks in Spiez, and chalets on the shore of the lake can be seen. The boys walk around Spiez, and there are street scenes with cars and workmen. The boys stop at a stall selling fireworks (the stall advertises them as for the 1st August - National Day), including rockets, and paper lanterns. They pass through a square with a fountain and up a busy, hilly, shopping street. Painted on one of the walls behind them is a large image of a Swiss soldier in uniform. Next the boys visit Spiez Castle, and there are various views, including the boys peering down the well. Leaving the castle, the youngest pupil is waving a Swiss flag.

From the inside of the train, mountains, towns, swimming pools and other scenery can be seen the train passes by. There are shots of pupils looking out of window (appears to be from exterior, probably shot through the window of another carriage?) Train passes through a station (Locarno? Domodossola? - both names on platform - diversion into Italy? - all around Lake Maggiore). The group assembles at the side of a lake, before sightseeing around the town. This includes footage of the boys eating apples, a man on a Vespa, and boats on the lake. Train platform again (says Stresa), and the boys are waiting for train.

Next the students pose in a group in a car park, one off to the side all by himself, before heading en mass on a hike up a mountain road. Some of the boys have walking sticks to help with the hike. There are shots of Funicular railway (cars numbered I and II). The group gets into car, and there are shots from interior of journey up the mountainside, the boys watching car II pass by.

The car reaches the station at the end of the line, and the boys wave to the camera from outside of a tearoom. The town is not identified, but road sign gives directions 'BRIENZ - LUZERN / GRIMSEL - SUSTEN', traffic warden directs cars. There are shots of cars driving along street. Back on the train, there is footage of the boys on the train cars as well as the scenery which passes by. Next the boys gather in LAUTERBRUNNEN (Shots from inside train, showing Swiss countryside and mountains, looking down on picturesque villages and houses in valley.

The students are on a stationary tram and talking to the camera. The tram sets off, and boys wave goodbye at the camera. WENGEN - Station. They walk down the street, and there is more footage of mountains and scenery around a chalet. The boys enter a cave or tunnel, and this is followed by footage of chalets grouped together in countryside.

The boys play in an outside pool at a hotel, use the outside showers, and dive into the pool. A cable car can be seen descending - WENGEN - MANNLICHEN line which connects the two towns. The teachers on the holiday take some time to relax outside caf?/hotel where they wave to the camera. One female chaperone sits in a deckchair playing with a white cat. Then a boy teases the same cat with his walking stick. This is followed by more mountain views.

The school group is dressed in raincoats, crossing bridge over lake. There is a view of town across lake, with Church tower. HARDERBAHN Station - one of two funiculars in Interlaken. One of the boys is wearing a bright red alpine hat with a white feather. This is followed by scenes of the lake, mountains, and houses from the caf?.

The boys go down the mountain on funicular railway. Shots from inside car of train tracks lined with trees. Other car passes as the boys and their car enter a tunnel. Horse drawn carriages are standing in town square of GOTTHARD. In the streets hang both the national flag of Switzerland (white cross on a red background), and the flag of the Canton of Bern (red background with a black bear on yellow diagonal stripe)

There are more scenic shots of the mountains and chalets taken from the inside of the train. Small flurry of snow falls over window, and the passengers gaze out of the windows observing the passing scenery

Boys and other tourists are on a balcony/platform on mountain, looking down towards the show. Birds are searching through snow for food. A view down the snow-covered mountain is obstructed by mist and clouds. The boys watch people ski on mountain, and there are shots of people riding on sleds drawn by huskies.

Next the boys are playing tennis in gardens. The rest of the group watching, and they are dressed in school uniforms. Boys in uniform, caps and carrying walking sticks exit chalet. Chalet staff stand at the door, waving, older man and woman come to the door and pose for the camera.

The group waits to board mini bus. By a lake, town on shore, there are very picturesque buildings with turrets. Next is a covered pier, and the boys are shown waving from pier and walking through it. There is a drinking fountain in the town square surrounded by buildings with pictures painted on them - possibly celebrating some sort of festival. A rainbow can be seen through the jets of water from a huge fountain. Finally, the film closes with an interior shot from the train as it leaves the station in Switzerland.