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NEFA 21948



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An amateur film showing a number of girls performing various gymnastic routines both individually, in pairs and in groups. They are also filmed using gym equipment such as a pommel horse and climbing frame.

A girl runs across a gymnasium floor to complete a number of floor exercises including cartwheels and rolls.

Another girl starts her routine, combining more dance related moves along with static positions. In the background other girls sit next to wall bars watching students perform.

In the middle of the floor, a girl performs a shoulder stand, supporting her waist with her hands. She then gets up and does a number of dance like twirls across the floor.

To one side of the gym a girl leans against a wall with both hands in front of her providing support. She pushes herself off the wall and a girl behind catches her. The girl pushes the other girl back to the wall, who ‘bounces’ back and is caught in the arms of the other but now has her back towards her. Back to back they end up seated on the floor.

A general view shows a number girls trying out different exercises and routines.

Two other girls attempt the catch and return routine using the gym wall as seen earlier. One of the girl adds a handstand against the wall as part of the routine. The other girl catches her arms and drags her across the gymnasium floor. The girl being dragged adopts a ‘V’ shape by raising her legs to prevent them also being dragged across the floor. They then frog-hop across the floor to start the routine again.

Four girls attempt some synchronised gymnastics as they perform side by side on two mats.

Another two try out mirror image floor exercises while facing each other.

[Dark Section] In the gym the girls use a variety of equipment including ropes, benches and wall bars. Some others use equipment such as a horse. One girl vaults over the horse, while others run up inclined benches next to the horse and stand on top waiting for the girl to vault between them.

Two others climb up a wooden climbing frame and hang upside down from one of the bars. After their routine they leap from the bars onto a soft landing area.

Three girls then climb the frame stop and create sculptural poses as part of their routine. They step off the bars onto a pommel horse, the film ends as they leap off the pommel horse onto a soft landing area, and finish with a somersault.