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YFA 4805



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This is a film of a boys school, most likely Blenheim Boys School, Leeds partaking of a series of school events during the late 1950s. These events include a rugby match, Christmas celebrations, swimming at Meanwood Baths, table tennis, sports at Temple Newsam, and a trip to Hawes and York.

The film opens with two teams, one in solid, dark coloured rugby shirts, the other in striped shirts, playing a rugby match. The pitch is ringed by houses on one side, and by fields. During the course of the match, several tries are attempted, but all appear to fall short. It is not clear which - if either - team wins.

There is a short clip of assembled school singing carols at Christmas in front of a decorated and lit-up Christmas tree.

The next scene captures the boys taking swimming lessons and larking about in Meanwood Road Baths - an indoor swimming pool. The boys pose in their swimming trunks, and take turns diving into the pool to swim the length in a variety of strokes, cheered on by those left on the poolside.

Corralled by teachers, the school is assembled in the hall for prize giving (so says label?). Actually no footage of prizes being presented to students, rather two students mount the stage to present a clock and radio to a teacher (Mr Browning?) and a third child gives a bouquet of flowers to a lady. Assembled adults talk to the teacher who was given the clock.

Students not dressed in school uniforms participate in a table tennis match. Some other students are spectating, and two teachers act as referees. When the game finishes, the players shake hands, and the winner is presented with a small trophy. He poses for the camera.

Inter-house sports day at Cardigan Rd Meths. C.C. (though reel label says Temple Newsam). Those students who are not in each race cheer from the side-lines. The events include a mix of the traditionally athletic; including sprint races, shot put, and more comic races; sack race, three legged race, six person race(?). The school appears to have four houses- each with own flag - Milton, Nelson (Anchor flag), Stephenson (Wheel flag), Scott (Penguin flag). Scott house appears to be winning.

Audience members arrive to watch a stage performance. The footage is shot from close to the stage and shows individual photographs being taken of some players. Occasionally the audience as a whole can be seen. Both plays feature elaborate sets and costumes. The first set of scenes feature children with a variety of papier mache animal heads including a frog, a badger and several mice at a feast. These are followed by a court scene with all-human cast and female judge and counsels. The judge greets the jury, and the jury are vocal throughout the scene.

The next part of the film documents a fieldtrip to Hawes. Pupils leave the Hadrow Scaur Falls with ice-creams via the Green Dragon pub. There is signage relating to Hardrow Scaur falls and Cataract Falls (which it calls the Highest Unbroken Fall in Britain, being a clear drop of 100 feet). The students pose in a group by the road beneath the sign for the White Scar Caves between Hawes and Ingleton.

The students also take bus trip to York. Here they visit the Railway Museum, Clifford's Tower, and take a boat trip on the River Ouse. There is footage shot from inside the boat. Next they make their way to the entrance to the Yorkshire museum and walk around the Museum Gardens (with footage of a peacock). The Department of Archaeology Roman Antiquities exhibit in what is now the Hospitium in the gardens. This is followed by footage of the York Minister and view from top - including Treasurer's House. Finally the boys play down by the River Ouse, some of the students playing in the river. The film ends with the studnets being waved off on a train platform, and features interior cabin shots of the pupils.