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Part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium Project, this film looks at Heaton Primary School in the light of the changes to Bradford's education system.

Title | School Days
Heaton Primary School
Bradford December 2000

The film opens with shots of schoolchildren crossing a road, helped by a lollipop man. This is followed by the exterior of the school buildings and inside some its corridors. In assembly, the children sit and listen, all wearing blue uniforms.

Title | Mrs B Ledra

The Headteacher begins to talk to the camera about the range of pupils in the school, as another teacher in a tracksuit continues to take the assembly. This is followed by shots of various classrooms and the teaching assistants that help the pupils. One teacher leads her class in a sing-along whilst other children are seen playing with train sets and plasticine. There are further shots of small children painting and drinking milk through a straw.

After briefly flitting back to a shot of the headmistress the film shows Mendhi patterns hanging on a wall and a group of children singing a song about Mohammed.

Title | Zoe Mawson
Literacy Co-ordinator

Shots of the classroom and children reading and writing are accompanied by the teacher's thoughts about the merits of literacy hour.

Title | Helen Malt
Numeracy Co-ordinator

The pupils are seen in a classroom being taught mathematics by their teacher. There are further shots of the Headteacher in an assembly handing out stickers to select pupils. This is followed by footage of adults working on computers as part of a lifelong learning project.

Title | Frances Hill
Home School Liaison Teacher

Frances speaks to the camera about involving the parents in their children's education, and there are shots of a group of adults in the school assembly.

Title | Shahin Akhtar
Home School Liaison Teacher

Shahin talks to camera about her bilingual skills, before shots of school dinner ladies dishing out chips. Other children have brought packed lunches in their lunchboxes. The Headteacher then begins to talk about the school policy of identifying children with self-esteem issues, followed by shots of the extra class that is run especially for these boys.

Title | Ann Groves
School Teacher

The children in this "nurture group" do spelling activities together and are seen reading books in the school library.

Title | Paula Bennett
Newly Qualified Teacher

Paula talks about how she finds it difficult to deal with the size of class that she has had to take, and complains that there is too much paperwork and bureaucracy involved in the profession.

Title | Michael McCormack
Class Teacher

Alongside shots of the children in the classroom, Michael talks about the many changes that have taken place during his career. The film then cuts between Michael and the Headteacher who each talk about the changes taking place in the school.

Title | With thanks to staff, pupils and parents of Heaton Primary School, Bradford

The children are singing a song of farewell in assembly.

Title | Video Production
Acorn Video (Bfd) Ltd

The film comes to an end as the children wave goodbye.

Title | School Days is part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection
Produced by Yorkshire Media Consortium
Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
Archived by the Yorkshire Film Archive