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YFA 4870



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr of a school trip to Edinburgh.

Title - School Camp Edinburgh

The film begins with a group of school boys walking along a road carrying their swimming gear.  They walk along a beach and out onto a jetty.  One of the boys is fishing.  They then get into their swimming trunks and gingerly go into the water.  A group of older girls sit on the jetty watching them swimming in the sea.  They dry themselves while one boy pretends to have a large fish on his line.  The girls walk off and the boys throw stones into the sea.  Again the girls lay on the bank watching.  Back in their accommodation the boys pack away their bedding and belongings.  They then sit for breakfast with a large group of school children and their teachers.  They queue up to hand a in a slip of paper in return for which they receive some money.  Out on one of the main streets in Edinburgh the girls and boys go window shopping.

Back at their accommodation the boys get ready for bed, larking about as they make their beds on the floor.

The film then switches to a group of older boys jogging around the school playground, and doing other exercises.  A group of older girls and boys board a bus and go out onto the moors.  They take a break drinking bottles of pop, sat with a male teacher.  They carry on walking over moorland overlooking a reservoir or lake.  Together with more teachers they go to down to a river, where some go for a swim.

The film switches again to a group of boys and girls standing outside the school, many of them in shorts.  The whole group, accompanied by teachers, walks along a road before the film switches to show a train passing over the Firth of Forth Bridge.  The students are then seen all sitting on a wall, looking towards the bridge.  There is a brief look at some students in the playfields of a school before it is back to the Firth of Forth estuary where a group of boys catch some crabs.  They rescue a wooden box from the water and then throw it back in again.  Back outside the school entrance a large group of students and adults have gathered.  Four elderly women walk across the school playing field followed by the others and they enter a church.

The film switches back to their holiday accommodation where boys are laying in their beds, reading comics, and larking about.  The breakfast tables are laid out ready covered in bottles of sauce.  The boys and girls, now all smartly dressed, sit around the outside of a hall.  The film comes to an end as the students take part in ballroom and group dancing.