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YFA 3718



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Part of the Freeman collection, this film contains footage from a school trip to a variety of places in Yorkshire taken during the 1950s including Goole Docks, Hull Docks, Beverley, York, The Ouse, Driffield Station, Bridlington Harbour, back to school at Old Hilderthorpe.

The film opens with children getting onto bus. There is a brief shot taken from the bus as it crosses over a bridge before they arrive at Goole Docks. There is a crane unloading one of the boats, and the students make their way into one of the dock buildings. Some of the men working on the docks can be see, and next the children get off the bus before there are more views of the docks including boats and ships. Now on a boat, the students are lined up on deck, looking over the side. There is a brief shot of the ship controls, and some of the children are drinking from glass bottles. Men and women get off the boat. There is a brief shot of a steam train and boat controls followed by children drinking and socialising. Other ships along their journey can also be seen.

The ship pulls into port at Beverley, and the children are gathered together in front of the cathedral. After touring around the city, the class make their way to the Beverley train station. They wait on the platform as a steam train pulls into the station and then board the train.

There is a poster advertising York and displaying a painting of Petergate. The children get off the train and make their way out of the station and over Ouse Bridge to the Museum Gardens. Here they visit St. Mary's Abbey ruins. They go into the Hospitium before having lunch near the city walls. The students also visit some of York's well- known attractions such as the Shambles and the Castle Museum. After their visit to the Museum, they make their way to the river, then through Micklegate and onto the Railway Museum. Further scenic footage of York is included from the trip.

There is a shot of the Minster taken from a moving train as the class make their way to Driffield Station. The children play on the platform before heading on another boat tour. There is footage taken of other ships out at sea as well as of the student enjoying their time on deck. The coastline can be seen in the distance, and some of the sailors talk to the children on the top deck

Back in port, the children get off the boat to view some of the sites in Driffield. They have a break, sitting in a field, before walking near the cliffs at Flamborough. Later on the children make their way down to the beach and play in the water. The site where fishermen dry their fish can be seen in the background.

The next portion of the film takes place back at school, and the footage is underexposed. There is a shot of an audience seated in an auditorium followed by the students decorating a small Christmas tree. One of the teachers plays the piano, reading from a sheet of music. A small model nativity has been set up on a table top, and the children gather around to inspect it. There is a shot of all the children gathered together, and one by one, post their Christmas cards in a large, decorated post box.

Title - Merry Christmas Everyone

The film closes with the children walking down steep hill, digging in the ground, playing by the rocks, and having a picnic.

Title- The End.