Film ID:
YFA 1476



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Made by members of the Leeds Movie Makers, this film records a visit from the Schmalfilm Klub to Leeds. The Leeds cine club members give the visitors a sightseeing tour around Leeds which is followed by a reception.

The film begins at Leeds Railway Station where Leeds cine club members hold up a banner declaring 'Welcome Schmalfilm Klub.' The Schmalfilm Klub members arrive and are greeted, the reception being filmed by several members with cine cameras. The Schmalfilm Klub are taken on a sightseeing tour of Leeds: the Civic Hall, inside and outside, various statues, including the Barrelman in Dortmund Square, the shopping arcades and markets, the Corn Exchange and other places all being filmed by the visitors. Then, on a sunny day, the group tour around other sights in the area before congregating around someone's house for a grand buffet. After eating the two groups gather in a room to see a man performing conjuring tricks. He uses one of the guests from Dortmund, a woman, as a helper. Later on some get up and start dancing. This is followed by one of the German guests, a man, performing a mock strip routine.

There is a brief shot of a Ladies public lavatory, and then the groups board a tourist river boat. As they pass along on their journey down the river, they pass fishermen, children swimming, and, as they break into song, people sitting outside the King's Arms pub on the riverside in York. They then pass another tourist boat, the Duke of York, coming the other way. When they get off in York they pass a building which has cat figures carved on its side. They walk by many other York attractions, including Mulberry Hall, the Minster, the city walls and the Museum Gardens, before moving on to Harrogate and the Royal Pump Room Museum. Later in the evening they gather at the West Park Hotel in Leeds where there are some speeches and a buffet, with several people filming. The two groups exchange tokens. It looks to be the birthday of one of the guests as she receives a cake with candles and gifts. Other gifts are also exchanged. Lastly the guests are seen off again at the Railway Station as the Schmalfilm Klub members head back home.