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YFA 2350



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This film was made by a Wakefield-based business man and is part of the Wilkinson Collection. It contains footage of a procession that took place in the town in 1945. There are shots of many of the town's buildings as well as the floats and the procession as it makes its way down a main street.

The film opens on a street, in Wakefield which is lined with hundreds of people. A procession of the Mayor and several dignitaries makes its way down the road. They are followed by nurses, army trucks, guns on trailers, an army marching band, navy officers, soldiers, women in uniform and other people.

There are shots taken from the top of a building looking down onto the `Yorkshire Penny Bank' building and a convoy of trucks which have been decorated. There are lots of floats covered in flowers and decorated with animal shapes. Some of the floats are being pulled by horse and some of the floats have people on them who are dressed in costume.

A group of women in army uniforms walk beside a lorry with `??JAC'. They are followed by floats which have groups of people in costume carrying out dramatizations of various scenes. They include a Victorian scene and a scene of an accident with nurses. Then there are shots of buses making their way down the street followed by hundreds of the spectators who spill onto the road.

The next section opens in what appears to be Lister Park. Large crowds of people have gathered to watch the floats arriving into the park.