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This film was made for the Ripon Palladium Cinema where it was shown in May 1916.  It captures a sports day for the people of Ripon and the regiments based at the Army Camp at Ripon during World War I.  Shortly after this film was made, many of the regiments competing in this sports day were sent to the battlefields of the Somme. 

The film opens at Ripon Racecourse where a day of sporting events has been organised.  Crowds of local men, women and children, as well as the troops from various Scottish Regiments including Cameron Highlanders, pose for the camera. 

The crowds of spectators, army and civilians, watch a series of events which include various races, a cross country run, army horse - men jumping fences, and bayonet charging competitions.   Included are good close-ups of people in the crowd enjoying themselves and waving to the camera.   

A bagpipe player takes the stage to perform.  He is followed by a Highland sword dancer.  A man, dressed as Charlie Chaplin, sprints across the racecourse as a group of horses charge by.  The film closes with more shots of troops and civilians, and the ladies give a show of ankles and stockings as a closing shot.