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NEFA 20883



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Amateur film of activities at the Maccabi Youth Club, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, probably in the late 1930s. Includes footage of gas mask and protective clothing practice sessions. This film is one in a collection of films recording life in the Jewish community of Newcastle, made by five independent film-makers between 1937 and 1962.

Adult meetings and speeches at Maccabi Youth Club, Westgate Road.

Boys show off their skills on parallel bars, in boxing, vaulting and other sporting activities at the youth club.

In the late 1930s, there are preparations for war. Young men are in full gas protection clothes and masks. First aid exercises take place. Three men practice putting on and taking off the gas masks and protective clothing, and making blackouts.

Close-up on the legs of a youth football team as they exercise, running on the spot.

A football match takes place on a pitch under heavy snow.

St John’s Ambulance Brigade men are inspected.

A tea dance takes place at Tilley's Restaurant and Cafe on Blackett Street, Newcastle. Couples dance to a live orchestra at the annual Board of Guardians Ball at the old Assembly Rooms in Fenkle Street, Newcastle.

Back at the Maccabi Youth Club, table tennis and snooker are played. A drama rehearsal is in progress. A group is singing. Holding competition prize shields, younger children dance the traditional circle dance, the Hora. A choir practice takes place. Boys play chess and darts. They drink lemonade and eat sandwiches in a canteen.

Group shots inside the Maccabi Youth Club.

There is a visit by a group of footballers. Portrait shots follow, then shots of the Hora in progress.