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YFA 6319



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This film made by local filmmaker Walter Gill looks at Hartlepool in the early 1970s.

Title: Scenes of Hartlepool,1974

The film opens with a close-up of some daffodils, which then cuts to views of a large church and a back street between rows of terraced houses.

A shot of the gravestone of William Tate follows, a parish clerk and author of a book about Hartlepool. Next a view of a church bell tower and spire, the another church and tower, St Hilda's on the Headland, Hartlepool,

A family walk along the seafront promenade on the Headland, Hartlepool. The Russia Sebastopol Cannon is aimed out to sea near the Heugh Battery, guarding the Headland.

A street sign reads:'Friar Street'. General views show a large stone building, the remains of St Hilda's Hospital, a manor house built around 1600 on the site of a 13th century monastic house, once used as a poor house.

Next a view of St Hilda's Church on the Headland at Hartlepool, and the road leading up to the church.

A general view of the Heugh Lighthouse and rocky coast follows.

The final sequence retraces its steps back to flowers in bloom in a garden. Next a view of a mare and it's foal in a field. In a public park, trees in full leaf, shrubs are flowering, and back home roses bloom in a domestic garden. Next, out in the street, and the camera points upwards to a cloudscape. Then a general view follows of houses in a terraced street, which ends the film.

Title: The End