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This film comprehensively documents the coastline of the southwest, paying particular attention to Devon and parts of Somerset. Journeying through this incredibly scenic landscape, the filmmaker stops off at Bradford-on-avon, Lyme Regis and Minehead, capturing significant attractions such as castles, markets and beaches.

Title - 'Orford film presents'.

Title - 'Finding England - Produced by J.W. Gillot'.

Title - 'Scenes and shores of the southwest'.

Title - Let us enter the southwest through Bradford-on-avon.

The opening shot of this film shows a canal lined by trees and stone buildings. In Bradford-on-avon there are various shots of people and cars traversing different streets, and in one of the shots the 'swan hotel' sits centre frame. Another road is populated by grand Victorian houses with lavish, neat gardens. A stone sign has the words 'To the saxon church 'inscribed into it, then, the filmmaker cuts to show the churches exterior.

Title - And so we come to Wells, the 'great jewel of the west'.

Wells cathedral rises up from behind a row of shops before the filmmaker cuts to another angle of the cathedral. Within the cathedral grounds, a grand clock is decorated with mechanical bell ringers, who hit a bell just above the clock. Following this segment, a melange of shots showing the general area around the cathedral; car drives through a stone arch, woman stroll through the castle grounds, an expansive view of a river, and people feeding ducks.

Title - Time seems to have enhanced the rural beauty of West Somerset.

Cottages with thatched roofing lie beneath hilly landscape. In a village visitors wonder round, a baby in a pram plays with a toy, children run across a stone bridge and woman chat outside a cottage with a thatched roof, while a stone tower is visible in the background.

Title - From Selworthy, we see the superb ridge of Dunkery Beacon.

Expansive views of rolling countryside featuring the impressive ridge of Dunkery Beacon, and the cottages which reside in its shadow. In the next few shots a woman leaves a thatched cottage, a dog stands in a road, and there is a short sequence which shows small birds eating food off a table.

Title - On our path lies beautiful Dunster, with its historic Yarn market.

A pavilion-like structure sits by the side of the road in the village of Dunster. From the pavilion the filmmaker pans: revealing a village street and Dunster castle.

Title - From the north Transept of the ancient church, we enter the garden of remembrance.

An archaic stone clock tower is surrounded by trees, and this is followed by various shots of visitors exploring the flower garden. Cutting away from the flower garden, a man wearing a flat cap leads a tethered cow up a village street, and they are closely pursued by a sheep dog.

Title - Through the gateway of Dunster Castle, we find a most unusual June harvest.

Two people walk through the stone arch of Dunster castle, then, an exterior shot the castles is succeeded by several shots showing apple and lemon trees in full bloom.

Title -Minehead once the harbour of the Manor of Dunster has lost little of its ancient charm.

An expansive view of Minehead harbour (tied out) reveals houses nestles amongst the various enchelons of the verdant hill-scape. From the bank, a man and his son look down on several sail boats aground in the mud. Next, a fairly short sequence ensues showing Minehead streets with terraced housing. The filmmaker then cuts to a rather splendid garden, which is populated by ceramic medieval knights and bright flowers. In the next shot, a woman climbs a set of gentle stone steps, and in the foreground a sign reads 'Steps to the church'. Several quick cuts show other people climbing the steps towards the church, and then there is a shot of the church itself.

Title - We sail from Minehead along a coast of verdant beauty.

A passenger ferry pulls into a harbour and the passengers disembark, while on shore a gaggle of passengers wait to board. The camera now on-board the ferry captures passengers relaxing in deck chairs or leaning on the rails, as they sail round the coast.

Title - Soon we see the shores of North Devon and pass Foreland point into Lynmouth Bay.

Still on the ferry, the filmmaker captures another passenger ferry as it sails past, and also various shots of the North Devon coastline. A motor boat comes alongside to take the passengers to Lynmouth Bay. The camera is now on a motor boat which carries a group of tourists through the bay and onto the beach. On the beach, seagulls fight over scraps, and this followed by an expansive view of the bay from an elevated position, where other tourists with binoculars take in the scenery. The final shot in this sequence shows a shot of a church in Lynmouth.

Title - Lynmouth is still working hard to repair the damage caused by the terrible disaster in 1952.

The first shot in this sequence shows Lynmouth village from a raised position. This is followed by a variety of construction sites situated in Lynmouth; workmen and different construction machinery clear rubble and earth; attempting to rebuild the damaged sites.

Title - We now take a great stride to the village of Axmouth in southeast Devon.

A car drives down a village street in Axmouth, where stone houses line the pavements, before cutting to show Axmouth church and 'The Harbour inn'.

Title - The endless variety of the Devon coast is shown in the dazzling white cliffs of Seaton.

On Seaton beach, tourists sit on a caf? patio while white cliffs are distinctly visible in the background. A melange of shots shows holidaymakers relaxing in deck chairs and children playing in the sand. Next, a relatively grand house, presumably just set back from the beach, is covered from several angles. Following this, a panoramic view of Seaton beach reveals a sprawling mass of tourists and beach huts.

Title - Mackerel can be found in abundance.

A group of fisherman work at considerable pace removing mackerel from a fishing line which is hauled onto the boat. The days catch is then held aloft for the camera.

Title - The quaint village of Beer. A perfect gem set into white cliffs.

Various shots show the narrow streets in the village of beer, and in terms of architecture, this village primarily consists of small cottages with thatched roofing. The next sequence focuses on the cliffs along Beer beach, and these shots are taken from a busy path directly overlooking the beach itself. By the sea, a group of young children in swimming costumes stand on a pontoon next to a motor boat, where two men prepare to cast off. Next, adults and children swim in the sea of Beer beach, and then a boat coming into land is hoisted onto the beach by a three man operated wheel, which drives a pulley system. In the final shot of this sequence, a group of people have gathered round to watch a man knock a nail into a boats hull.

Title - We leave the southwest at Lyme Regis, with its historic harbour and magnificent panorama of Dorset coast.

Tourists stand on a pier looking down at boats coming in to moor up, before the filmmaker cuts to a shot of four youths wearing sunglasses relaxing in deck chairs. An expansive view of Lyme Regis and its harbour follows, and as the tied is out, boats sit idle in muddy bed. A succession of shots covering the harbour area follows; a man stands in his boat during low tied, another boat sails a stretch of water and various shots show different groups of people traversing the piers.

Title - We visit the swannery of Abbotsbury.

In this sequence, swans and signets in a grassy habitat become the focus, before the filmmaker cuts to show a group of people walking into a small thatched hut. To the right of the hut a sign reads, 'Smith Arms - Devonshire - Englands smallest inn' and the filmmaker then captures a tight shot of the pub sign.

Title - We meet friends at church Ope cove in Portland.

A panoramic view of Portland coastline is followed by a shot of a secluded beach surrounded by pale white cliffs. Outside a modern (for that period) two storey house, the friends of the filmmakers stand in the driveway and a small dog runs between them. At the entrance of a house, possibly the same dwelling, a small plaque reads 'Cove lodge'. The filmmaker next takes us to Portland Bill, shooting the coastline and lighthouse which resides on the rock face.

Title - Corfe mighty stronghold of the middle ages.

Various shots show the ruins of Corfe castle from various different locations in Corfe. Visitors, including the filmmaker's friends, enter the grounds of the castle.

Title - The end