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YFA 2741



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This brief film is part of a collection that records a family from York's trips to the coast and countryside around North Yorkshire. The films were all shot by the Lord Mayor of York's son and are a child's view of these days before World War Two.

The film opens with a shot of the family in the garden. Two men and two women pose in dressy clothes while there are close-ups of two little girls in flowery bonnets smiling. They are wearing identical clothing so it is possible that they are twins.

The two women joke around, and one of the women tries to take the other woman's hat.

Next there is a shot of a young man walking down some steps. He waves, gets into a car, and drives off.

The next scene is back at South Bay Pool in Scarborough where a man wearing a full bathing costume dives expertly off the top diving board. He does twists, spins and back flips again and again.