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YFA 4097



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This film is made up of footage taken between 1936 and 1940. It shows several men and women, possibly related, and their days out in and around Scarborough as they wander around the country roads. Also included is footage of them helping some workmen dig post holes in the nearby fields.

Title - Terry Wilson
Fred Rayne

The film opens with a view of the sea and across the headland to the right where there are some buildings and a lighthouse.

A cat sits on the floor of a room in the sunshine and reaches up to get at a stick that is being dangled over it. Next there is a shot of the cat trying to reach something that a man, just at the edge of the shot, is holding over it.

Two women in warm coats and hats, and a man in an over coat and hat, stand outside a building with French doors. There is also a teenager beside them and she is dressed in warm clothes. There is a shot of the women laughing, and the same women can be seen walking down a residential road. There is another shot with the same young girl and women in front of the house again and posing for the camera.

There are shots of a rough sea with very high waves taken from over a wall; hills and some coastline are also visible on the horizon.

There is a field at the edge of some water, and on the right-hand side, there is a copse of trees. A man wears a hat and coat and is reading. To his right, three men in jackets and caps dig and shovel in the field. A man and woman, from a previous shot, appear behind the men.

A farm vehicle drives down a rural road beside farm buildings.

The men working in the field dig holes for fence posts and are approached by the man and woman who were watching them. The man helps them to hammer the posts, and one of the workers looks at the camera.

The same man and woman walk down a road away from the camera and pass some white buildings. On the right-hand side there is a farm house and other buildings. The woman pulls the man away from the road as a car drives past them; they turn and look at the camera.

A man with round spectacles a suit and a waist coat jokes to the camera. The sea, a beach and cliffs are visible behind him.

Shots of snow-covered plants, roads and trees and three people wait at the side of the road as a bus for Scarborough. A bus for Newby drives by in the direction of the camera.