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Unlike other seaside destinations, Scarborough is home to a variety of events throughout the year. The following film features some of the events which took place between 1951-1969 including a jump rope competition, Freak Hill Climb at Beacon Farm, Boxing Day charity football match, and a Scouts Soap Box Derby.

Title - K.V Presents: Shrove Tuesday at Scarborough, Foreshore Road Skipping.

The film begins with a close up of women skipping rope. The promenade is full of people, and Scarborough town can be seen in the background. People of all ages have turned out to take part in the competition, and there is more footage of them skipping rope on the promenade. There are also men dressed in military uniform at the event.

Title - Freak Hill Climb held at Beacon Farm, Scalby.

Motorcycles scramble across moorland trying to climb the hill.

Title - Going up
Title - and down

Divers go up and down the hill, and there are people seated on the hillside where they can watch the event. A man in the foreground takes a swig from a bottle of beer, and there is good footage of the motorcyclists.

Title - Fog sets in.

The motorbikes still compete, driving through the fog.

Title - Winter makes a big difference.

Scarborough is covered in snow, and rough seas crash against the sea wall. Other places around the town are shown covered in snow from different angles and vantage points. A group of children are tobogganing on the hillside.

Title - Going down
Title - and up.

There are shots of the snow falling in Scarborough, and after the snow has let up, some of the locals go ice skating.

Title - Boxing Day, Fishermen versus Firemen Charity Match, Mr John Jackson kicks off.

A charity football match takes place. Some of the players wear unusual hats.

Title - A game of cards.

There is more footage of the match, the men scrambling near the goal.

Title - The Highland Pipe band provides music.

The band, all dressed in kilts, march down the street which is lined with crowds of spectators watching the parade. Some of the band members perform the Highland fling.

There is a brief scene featuring a four-piece pop band which performs on a small stage.

Title - Scouts Soap-box Derby 1951.

People line the streets and watch the races. Both boys and girls race in their go-carts, and participants can be seen driving down the road.

Title - Saturday, October 4th, 1969, Scarborough Swimming Club help Television Producer by putting on Summer Bathing Exhibition.

There is a long shot of the beach, and bathers come out of the sea. Crowds are gathered to watch, and a small helicopter circles the bay. Following this are shots of another go-cart race. Crowds have gathered to watch the race near the finish line.

Sign - Cruise around the Luxury Liner Statendam.

People are gathered at the ticket office to purchase tickets for the boat ride. The tour goes out to where the Cruise Liner, the Statendam, is anchored further out at sea. People wave from the deck of the Statendam.

Title - The End.