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YFA 1259



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This film documents some of the events which take place in Scarborough during the Benelux Festival including Dutch dancers and majorette procession. The Benelux Festival is only one of Scarborough's many attractions, and it provides the means of forging close links between the Yorkshire coast and the Benelux county.

The film opens with scenes of a crowded beach at Scarborough. Children are riding donkeys and boats are in the harbour. The Benelux Festival is an annual event, and festival time is carnival time.

The next sequence shows Mr H. Gossling's barrel organ. A couple in Dutch national costume dance to its tune as a crowd watches on the sea front. Dutch flower girls from Haarlem, dressed in peach dresses, are shown distributing carnations to members of the public.

The drum majorettes of Holland march along the street. This is followed by a folk dancing group from Belgium in traditional costume. Children watch an outdoor ballet lessons given by the Scapino Ballet Company. A boy participates by being taught a pose.

The majorettes lead a procession along the promenade which is described as a highlight of the festival. A brass band marches past onlookers, and a beauty queen and the Haarlem flower girls go by on a carnival float. There are also other floats with themes including balloons, mermaids, and Madam Butterfly which pass by. The Mayor, Alderman John Hodgson, is pictured waving to competition winners, and there are shots of onlookers and parade participants including the Scarpino Ballet, and bagpipe players. Yorkshire born D.J. Jimmy Savile is shown on a Royal Marine float.