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YFA 4989



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This is a film from the Alan Neal collection of films of Scarborough, which show many of its most popular places from the late 1960s, as well as providing a glimpse into everyday life and visitors enjoying the attractions. It includes fish being unloaded and auctioned in the fish market, a wrestling match, and Peasholm Park.

The film begins with boats moored in the harbour where the sun plays on the water and the beach is being cleared of litter.  Fish has been packed in wooden boxes in a fish market and an auction takes place.  Boxes of fish and crabs are lifted off fishing boats.  A fishing boat pulls into the harbour, and fishermen unload and weigh the catch of the day.  On one of the boats a man repairs a fishing net.

The next scene features a tag wrestling match, with one of the wrestlers in a white mask and another all in black.  Then the film switches again to close ups of people on the streets and queuing at a train station.  A passenger train is filmed passing by at speed and then Bob Fletcher’s crab and lobster stall, along with a line of other fish stall, including that of Tom Rowley.  Then boats and canoes are shown on the Mere, including the Hispaniola.  Children are out on small wheel propelled boats.  A large crowd sit around the bank of Peasholm Park where a band plays on a floating bandstand as the film comes to an end. 

[on leader, Baillie Ass. Hull-Scarboro' 08/10/68]