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YFA 4992



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This is a film from the Alan Neal collection of films of Scarborough, which show many of its most popular places from the late 1960s, as well as providing a glimpse into everyday life and visitors enjoying the attractions.  It includes people on the beaches at both North Bay and South Bay, Tree Walk Wonderland, and timber being unloaded form ships on the docks.

The film begins with children paddling in the sea and going on donkey rides on the beach.  Others are swimming in the sea.  Two boys make a small pond in the sand using spades, while adults lay on sunbeds or towels, sunbathing.  A man on stilts advertises the BBC’s ‘It’s a knockout’ at the Open Air Theatre.  Children go down a big slide.  The outdoor lido is seen full of swimmers from high up, and then up close.  Children go down the chute into the water.  The North Bay beach is shown packed with people, looking down from the top of the Saint-Nicholas North Cliff Lift.  People lay on the grass embankment of the cliff near the lift as it goes up and down.  Small children are in children’s paddling pool.

Seagulls fly overhead and nest on the cliffs.  Various ships are docked including the Marschenland of Hamburg, and the Esteland.  Timber is unloaded from the Marschenland by crane.  A man stands looking at the grave stone of Anne Bronte in St Mary's churchyard.  Then there is the board for the opening times of the Castle and a view down on the grass bank overlooking the sea, with a line of white houses at the top.  Men are playing bowls, followed by a view down onto the lido from high up.  People are playing on the putting green, while others are on the beach beneath the spa.  One boy is using a small fishing net in the puddles left on the beach by the outgoing tide.  A woman lifeguard waves instructions to someone in the lido where swimmers are diving off the boards.  On the beach sunbathers lounge on deckchairs while more elderly folks sit in the sun listening to a chamber orchestra.  A large crowd watches a dolphin show and others go around the zoo and there is an adventure playground.  Then visitors are on to the train at Peasholm Station, are on boats on the park lake and enjoying the naval warfare being enacted.

The film switches to show a number of hotels, including the Red Lea Hotel and a view over the South Bay.  Then back to Peasholm Park where adults sit watching children play with boats in the shallows of the lake and others are out on rowing boats.  Visitors wander around Tree Walk Wonderland, walking past its many models.  The film moves on to the South Bay beach where children are on donkey rides and enjoying the boat swings and trampolines and adults are paddling in the sea and sunbathing.

In the morning the beach is being cleared of rubbish, shop owners are opening up their shutters and milk is being delivered.  It is quiet on the seafront.  There is a sign for the Borough of Scarborough.  Two women sit on the lawn looking at Castle Howard in the distance and walk around the grounds.  There is a sign for Scarborough Hotels Association followed by views of various parts of Scarborough, including the lighthouse, the fairground, where two Asian women are on the dodgems, and the pier.  They take a trip on the Coronia boat along the coast.  Back on land to Dennis’s Camp where there are hundreds of caravans.  There are more views over South Bay and of people on rides at the fairground, including the carousel, and advertisements for United coach tours to various places in Yorkshire.  The coaches are all lined up and passengers board. The film ends with a quick view down Eastborough.

Part Two begins where Part One leaves off, looking down Eastborough shopping street, with one-way traffic.  The flag for the Coronia flies as the boat sails in Scarborough Bay.  The beach on North Bay is packed with people taking in the sun, as people walk up and down Foreshore Road, with the shops Sulman’s and Pacittos.  Passengers board a 109 United red bus, advertising Ken Dodd playing at the Futurist.  The Coronia comes in to dock.  A coach passes along a road over the moors, and again there is a view down Eastborough, this time looking the other way.  Then Foreshore Road is shown lit up at night time, with people looking in some shops.  They drive along passed the Futurist, with Ken Dodd playing, Jimmy Corrigan’s, Bingo and the dodgems.  There is a windmill lit by electric lights and the seafront is shown at night time.