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YFA 1753



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This is a film made by Derrick Walton of a family holiday in Scarborough showing a variety of activities including children playing on the beach, donkey rides, North Bay Railway, and the mock naval battles at Peasholm Park.

Title - June 1961.

The film begins with the family sitting out in the front of their hotel.  Adrian and Gillian are on the beach, Adrian with a bucket and spade, and he then has a donkey ride.  There is a view over Scarborough, with the castle in the distance, and the family goes on the miniature railway.  Mrs Walton takes the children to a playground where Adrian goes on a ride before playing with a slightly older boy in a front garden.

Intertitle – Veteran Car Rally Hull to Scarborough, Sunday 25th June, 1961 – leaves Hull at 11 am.

The veteran cars arrive at the start, watched by a large crowd.

The film switches to Scarborough bay with boats and the white lighthouse in the distance.  Adrian plays with a model airplane on some grass, and then they film the train from Peasholm Park, before switching to film a ride down the sliding boat into the lake.  Next they are on Scarborough harbour and they have a trip on the boat ‘Queen Anne’.  They go back to the beach carrying buckets and spades.  Derrick helps Gillian take some first steps, and then helps Adrian make a sand castle.  Adrian then goes on a boat ride in Peasholm Park.  Gillian plays with a hammer in her pram.

They film some more of the North Bay Railway ride before returning to the beach where the children have ice creams before both having a donkey ride.  A beach guard tries to find the parents of a lost child.   They then film the mock battles on the lake in Peasholm, and then paddle in a pool.  They then visit the fairground where they go on the dodgem cars and other rides.  The family then take a trip on the Coronia boat and there are views looking back towards Scarborough and the harbour.  The film ends with very brief shots of the family at Sutton Bank, standing in front of a Slingsby glider.

The End