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YFA 3855



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This film records several family trips to Scarborough and includes footage of the family on the beach, the promenade, and the Scarborough caravan park.

The film opens with three women who set up a picnic next to the family cars. This is followed by scenes of Scarborough beach and cliff tops. The family walk along together on the promenade. At the docks, the family watch the fishermen bringing in their boats and sorting their fishing equipment. Later, at the outdoor swimming pool which overlooks Scarborough beach, two people jump off the top diving board into the pool below.

On the beach, the family play football together and paddle and swim in the sea. On the slopes of the cliffs, the family sit together on deck chairs in a circle. On the beach the father crawls on his hands and knees carrying the children on his back.

In the church yard guests are gathered for the wedding. The bride arrives in the car and is helped out by her father. The bride and groom walk out of the church together after the ceremony, and the guests waiting outside throw confetti over the newlyweds.

At a Scarborough caravan park, the family walk out of a static caravan in a conga line with the smallest family member at the front of the line. The family walk with each other along the beach. The children ride donkeys along the sea front and then build sandcastles together. The family take part in a cricket match together on the beach while the younger children play in rock pools. The father helps the mother take a head scarf from her bag and tie it around her head. The film closes with scenes of the family walking together along the cliff tops looking down on Scarborough beach.