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YFA 4105



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Shot between 1927 and 1938, this film shows the sea side leisure and social activities that were available in the Scarborough region at that time. Included in the film are shots of the South Bay Pool, the Cliff Railway, the Italian Gardens, and a motor cycle race.

The film opens with a large crowd of men and women of all ages doing a variety or stretches, exercises and games on the beach. They are watched by more crowds of people.

There are men, women and children milling around the beach and an area of sea wall. The waves almost come up to a section of that wall. The camera then pans away and a pier with a bandstand, buildings and a grand house on a hill come into view.

People go into the sea from the pier, and many men are dressed in swimming costumes. One woman with a swimming cap is helped by a man onto a horse-shaped buoy, but she falls off it into the water. A group of swimmers are also in the South Bay Pool in Scarborough, and one of them rolls a huge, inflatable ball on the surface of the water. A young boy swims along the edge of the pool with a swimming aide around him.

Next there are more shots of a crowded beach, and two small boats are visible in the sea. There are young children digging, mothers fussing over them, and what looks like a camera tripod at the shoreline being used as a coat stand. A man with a handkerchief on his heads rows a small boat just off the shore and parents lead their small children by the hands.

Motor bike racing is taking place in a field adjacent to some houses and the crowds line the route in their deck chairs. One motorcyclist falls off at a corner and is helped up by a man in a tweed jacket and knee length trousers. Behind a section of the crowd is a group of large, white tepees. Several more motorcyclists fall at the same spot as the other motorcyclist, and the man in tweeds helps them up too.

One motorcyclist gets help putting on his oval motorbike helmet.

Three very well dressed women in coats, hats and fur coats sit in a stonework bench area in the Italian Gardens in Scarborough, and listen to a concert. A female singer is on a small stage beside them, and she is accompanied by a pianist. There are crowds of people seated all around them.

Three women eat ice-cream cones and wave at the camera. In another scene a lot of people are crowded over a wooden table-style activity; they roll balls across the surface.

Some other women greet each other at a table and sit down, and more crowds mill about the Italian Gardens.

The Cliff Railway in Scarborough is busy with people of all ages getting on and off.

At the South Bay Pool many people are swimming about and there are several women dive off the high diving boards. There are a lot of spectators around the pool, and in the next shot a young woman smiles at the camera.

Another woman is attempts to sit up on a horse-shaped buoy but she too is unable to stay up on it and it is very comical to watch her try.

Several young women in smart swim suits walk past the camera as they leave the pool area, and in another section of the pool, some young boys joke about with row boats, and an entertainer who is dressed as a sailor is pushed into the water.

A woman dives into the pool from a high diving board, and then three young women pose on the diving board and joke about in front of the camera, before they all dive into the water. Elsewhere a swimmer is held at the side of the pool by the hands and feet and is thrown into the water. A group of swimmers play around on pool games including the horse-shaped buoy and large pieces of material on which they try to balance.

Swimmers swim in circles, go down the water slide, dive off the high board, and go into the water backwards. There is another shot which covers the entire pool area and all that is going on in it.

At an outdoor cafe, people sit around in wicker chairs and some women spot the camera and smile up at it. The Suncourt in Scarborough is crowded with people listening to the band, walking, and sitting on the promenade.

The final scene is of a costumed procession of men and women, starting with a couple dressed as a middle-eastern man and a bride in an elaborate white dress. The man has a sign around his neck which reads `Class 3 1st Prize'. A woman walking behind them has a sign which reads `Class 3 2nd Prize. Also in the procession is a group of young women dressed in white dresses and walking in formation. Towards the end of the procession are some vehicles which also have prize signs on them.