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A portrait of Scarborough, the seaside jewel of the northeast, the place and the people. A film on the changes Scarborough (and other seaside resorts in general) and its people have faced over the changing fashions of holidays and what people search for, and how they have adapted to such challenges.

Title: Scarborough 
Title; The Old Dairy – sound and video studios
Opens on waves crashing on shore
Title: fades in [with sky background]

The film begins with classic beach scenes and Seagulls flying. The narrator begins by discussing the history of Scarborough; in Victorian times Scarborough deemed a fashionable destination, and the history of the Medieval castle which the film then pans to.

The film first talks to Don Robinson who arrived in 1944/45 and holds the opinion that seaside resorts need to change and the need for government intervention to save them from despair. 

Waves - Cuts to seafront; the arcades and games within. 

Don describes it as the best arcade in the country and a credit to the community and even compares it to the likes of Vegas. 

The film then begins to interview many different people along the Scarborough mall. One man speaks about the change of the games and the new technology of the arcades.  Narrator details the 400 year-old seaside resort whilst the film shows clips of the beach and town including the Victorian influences which remain.  Grand Hotel 1867; Emma and Daniel in the hotel’s blue uniform discuss the entertainment the hotel provides. Then patrons of the hotel are interviewed echoing the same tone of happiness at the atmosphere of the town and hotel.
The film cuts to a band playing and people dancing.

Tony pierce (dressed all in black) considers the change in seaside resorts in UK in last 30/40 years. He speaks of the history of the hotel and the how the change in people’s lifestyles has affected these places.

The film then intersperses interviews within the hotel and the town with images if the beach and activities provided such as donkey rides. 

The interviews with people off the mall discuss Scarborough and why they are visiting. The film then cuts back to Tony who mentions the change in holidays habits and the want for foreign travel and shorter weekend breaks in the UK.

The next scene is based around fairground rides and the change in technology meant that the development of fairground rides was needed. The film cuts through images of the fairground and speaks to an employee of the fair. He discusses the idea that the fair is a beacon of the town (can be seen from everywhere), and how people want more value for money nowadays. 
Clips of waves crashing 

Then the film flashes back to the interviews on the streets and how the weather affects when visitors travel to Scarborough. 

The theme of foreign holidays affecting patronage is echoed when the film jumps to the bed and breakfast business; Mr and Mrs Fogg (B&B owners) speak of the trade they used to receive and holidays being shorter. 

The focus on entertainment is instilled by the inclusion of not only an interview with Scarborough famous Danny Wilde, whom discusses the kindness if the locals, but clips of him performing. 

Back to beach and seafront businesses.  The film introduces Mrs Pacitto and her family’s ice cream shop who have survived many changes of the town alongside clips of Mrs Pacitto and her ice cream shop serving customers. She expresses the impact of the weather and the lack of warm, long summers affecting business, as well as the evolution of her customers. 
Wheel again. The narrator speaks of modernisation and the competition with holidays abroad, whist the film cuts through clips of the town. He then reels through why people visit the town, and how the town has evolved and faced the new century’s challenges. Waves and seagulls, picture fades.  Same closing as opening – sea and sky.

Title: Scarborough 

Cameras Edward G. Torsney, Andrew Burns, Binny Baker
Sound Salonica Simpson 
Graphics Edward G. Torsney 
Original Music by Rob Parker
Other tracks performed by Peter Reid
Editor Edward G. Torsney
Director Binny Baker
Special thanks to the people of Scarborough 
Yorkshire Media Consortium 
A4E – contemporary video collection 
Yorkshire Arts 
City of York Council
National Lottery
The Old Dairy Studios