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YFA 5580



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Filmed in Queen’s Gardens, Hull, this film features demonstrations of artificial respiration.  The event was part of the Save a Life Week in May, 1955.

Title – SAVE A LIFE WEEK – Demonstrations of Artificial Respiration on Queens Gardens, Hull Sat May 21st 1955

There is a uniformed military man smoking a pipe beside a man in an overcoat and flat cap. There are drummer boys behind them. It is an industrial setting the names ‘B. Danby and Co. Ltd’ can be seen on the side of a building in the background. Uniformed nurses in white aprons and hats look towards the camera.

A sequence filmed in slow motion shows uniformed men demonstrating resuscitation techniques on volunteer ‘patients’. A nurse can be seen performing the same action this time at normal speed in a wider view with the Queen’s Gardens and crowd of onlookers clearly visible. In another slow motion sequence two nurses practice on one patient.

 Back to normal speed an older lady in coat and hat attends a ‘patient’ lying face down on the ground.  She pats the patient on the back and is instructed by a uniformed man who shows how to perform the action correctly. In another slow-motion sequence there is a nurse lying on her front who is having the procedure administered whilst a young boy in a hat with earflaps crawls on the grass nearby.

There is an informal shot of a group of nurses one of whom dances a few steps, the Wilberforce Monument can be seen in the distance.  A young officer, stationary looks on as a man in a tweed jacket talks to an officer, the ‘B. Danby Plumbers and Electricians’ sign can be seen in the background.

A slow motion sequence at the finishing line of a sack race, young women jump towards the camera smiling in an extended sequence. The closing shot is of girls blowing up wriggly-shaped balloons.