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This reel of film consists of a number of different films taken around Halifax from varying years and film stocks.  Made by the Halifax Cine Club, the films included in this reel are in the following order:

Saturday Morning Out - Halifax
Mass Exodus - Halifax Wakes Week
Hairdressing Competition at Alexandra Hall
Steady As You Go
Hairdressing Competition for Men 
Saturday Morning Out - Halifax (c. 1951)
Black and White, fading, scratching 156 ft, 5.46 min

This film captures a normal Saturday hustle and bustle in the city centre during the early 1950s.  It gives an interesting example of contemporary fashions and everyday life truly capturing the look and feel of the time. 

The film opens with a title card reading Saturday Morning Out.  There is a main street in the city centre of Halifax which is crowded with people and automobiles.  Surrounding the area are many stores of which Nichole & Browne, Davies & Bamforth storefronts can be seen.  There is a policeman in the crosswalk directing traffic helping pedestrians to cross.  Behind him there is a poster for the Odeon, and to his side, many billboards with varying adverts. 

At noontime the city is quite crowded, and people make their way through the city at the crosswalk near Arnold Walton and The Albany Arcade.  Along with different cars of the period, double-decker buses also drive through the city centre. 

There is a man selling fish out of a shop, and an older woman can be seen buying fish from him as others inspect his merchandise. 

Finally, another cameraman is situated at a roundabout with another man by his side.  The film then ends with a line of people possibly queuing for the bus.  

Mass Exodus - Halifax Wakes Week (1953)

Black and White, fading, scratching, 97 ft, 3.36 min

This is a short film documenting the factory shut down week for summer holiday in Halifax.

The film opens with a number of busses all labelled for different holiday resort destinations including Blackpool and Scarborough.  Huge crowds of people, with luggage in hand, wait in lines to board the busses.  There are policemen and bus workers assisting helping families to queue up and load their bags onto the bus.  One family in particular, including a young man in military uniform, waits on a bench.  In addition to the crowds surrounding the busses, there are also large crowds waiting to board at the train station. 

National Hairdressing Competition, Alexandra Hall (1963)

Kodachrome, 142 ft, 5.15 min

This film captures a hair dressing competition at Alexandra Hall with models sporting quite unusual and unique hair styles and colours. 

The film opens with a title card reading National Hairdressing Competition, Alexandra Hall.  Different female models are seated throughout the hall while the stylists work to create their own personal masterpiece.  Later, the models, dressed in evening attire, sit and await judgement for the competition.  Another set of models sit with mirrors in front of them also waiting for the judges to come around.  Spectators watching the various aspects of the competition can also be seen in the background.  The male part of the competition takes place in much the same way with male models seated in chairs and stylists working to create a unique look.  After they are seated and judged, the male and female hair models parade around the spectator area. 

Finally, the film closes with the award ceremony.  Trophies, displayed on a table, are awarded to a number of winners of the competition. 

Steady As You Go (c. 1965)

Kodachrome, scratching, 82 ft, 3.03 min

This is a short film of a speeded up journey around Halifax and through the city centre. 

The film opens with a title card reading Steady As You Go.  A man then gets into a car and drives off out of his driveway, down a small dirt road, and onto the main road nearby leading to the main part of the city.  The film then speeds up as the driver goes further down the road.  There are a few automobiles and some buildings which can be seen, and briefly there is a motorcycle with a side car.  The car makes its way round the outer part of the city and then through the city centre.  A few landmarks quickly pass and there are some green and orange double-decker busses.  The car then heads back towards its starting destination stopping near the Royal Halifax Infirmary.  The film then closes with an end title.   

Hairdressing Competition for Men (1952)

Black and White, fading, scratching, 82 ft, 3.03 min

This is a short film documenting a men’s hairdressing competition.

The film opens with a title card reading August 25 Hairdressing Competition (Yorkshire Area NHF).  Men are seated in chairs while men and women stylists work to create the perfect look.  The models are still seated when the judges come around to pick the winner of the competition.  The film ends with awards being given out to the winners of the competition, who don’t look quite happy during the award ceremony.