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YFA 2690



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A comedic short, made by members of the Doncaster Cine Club, about a man who mistakenly takes his television apart believing it is broken, only to find out later that the electricity board have turned off the supply to the house for a short period of time.

Title - Doncaster cine guild presents.

Title - Saturday frustration.

Title - With Valerie Thompson as Mary. Cliff Jackson as Tom.

Title - Script and direction by E. Crowe.

A man walks along a street lined with terraced houses in Doncaster. In a kitchen, a woman stirs a pot on a stove and pours the contents onto a plate. The man enters the house, and washes his hands before sitting down at the dinner table to eat what his wife has cooked. The wife then makes a shopping list and hands a bottle of washing up liquid to the man as she leaves.

The man, who is now alone, takes one look at the pile of dirty dishes and then sits on a sofa where he reads the paper. A close up of a headline reads 'Soccer booms again'.

The man then turns on the television. Staring at the clock, he bites his nails impatiently as he waits for the television to warm up. The television remains blank; the man fiddles with the buttons but to no avail, and eventually takes the TV to pieces. He then gets up and looks at a letter on the mantel piece from the 'Yorkshire electricity board', which is dated 'Sat 25th Feb. 67'. Written on the letter there is a message that states that the electricity will be out for a period of time on that day, and therefore the man has taken the television apart for no reason. The man flops on the sofa in despair.

Title - Camera & editing - W. Miles.

Title - Lighting - R. G Kirton.

Title - Sound - T. Roelich.

Title - The end.