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YFA 340



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of his family at home and on holiday on different occasions spanning 13 years.

The film begins in about 1949, with some boats in a bay where Charles Chislett's children, Rachel and John, walk across the beach to play in the sea with a lilo.

The film switches to about 1959, with a large house with Santa Anna written on the front gate. A group of people, including Grace and Rachel, with Chislett's Jaguar parked in the drive, stand in front of the house. They then go for a walk in the gardens. From the house there are views over the countryside. Grace holds a baby, probably Rachel's. Two couples come out of the house with two dogs. Rachel strokes one of the dogs. The garden is filled with flowers.

Then Rachel and her husband have a game of ball on the beach, and pose for the camera with Grace and her baby. They make a camel out of sand and place the baby on the top, and later the baby walks along the beach. At their seaside accommodation Rachel feeds a seagull through the window. They make the baby a swing hanging from the branch of a tree in the garden, and they all bounce up and down with the baby. Grace holds the baby looking out to sea. They go for a picnic, with Rachel playing with the baby.

There is a break before returning, in about 1962, with a view over a lake and misty moorland. Following this is a country road with trees in autumn; and again later in winter, with snow and frost. It's Christmas, and a small boy plays with a blow up reindeer and a baby plays with a blow up Father Christmas. A small girl comes over and gives the baby a kiss. The children look at their toys, including a Disney carousel. Grace hands the baby a rattle at the dining table. The children play with Rachel on the settee, and the baby has a sleep. They sit at the dining table for their Christmas dinner. In the garden the boy tries out his new tricycle, with the family car, a red Jaguar (reg. 1897 ET), parked in the drive.

The film then switches to spring, in about 1955, with the daffodils in flower; and again switches to a slate quarry and then piglets playing and feeding from their mother. Next Rachel, Grace and John pose outside a house with a dog, joined by Charles. The garden is shown looking very colourful with flowers and the film comes to an end.