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NEFA 21364



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Compilation of miscellaneous amateur home movie footage documenting holidays in Northumberland and trips to the Tyneside coast. Locations include Rothbury, Elsdon, Cullercoats and Tynemouth. Also includes footage of an air display or pageant, possibly taking place at Cramlington aerodrome, which features two planes that were part of Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus. This film is part of the Newcastle Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

A mother in a cloche hat and her toddler are together on the Rothbury village green, Northumberland.

The next shots are of airplanes taking off and flying at an air display or pageant, probably from Cramlington airfield in 1933. They include planes with registrations G-ABSJ, a ten-seater Airspeed Ferry aircraft, used for taking people on pleasure flights, and G-ABBX, a De Havilland Gipsy Moth. Both planes were part of Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus during the 1930s. Several planes are in the air. A parachutist advertising Whitbread lands on the airfield.

A young woman smoking a cigarette walks in the gardens of a grand house. The same woman walks past ivy-clad houses in Rothbury. A gentleman in a Trilby hat and suit walks out of a newsagent. He puts his briefcase into a van (Registration no. LV3313). He continues on his way down the street.

 The next sequence may have been filmed around Elsdon, Northumberland. Two women are perched on a fence in hilly countryside on a windy day. A woman leaves a small bungalow with her young blonde-haired daughter, followed by a man with a walking stick (previously seen with the van). A general view of the landscape, lake and farms follows.

A woman and her daughters leave their cottage and walk across moorland. The father and girls climb up to a cairn. The woman is now with her girls at the cairn. She and the girls collect heather on the moors.

Random shots follow around a farm.  A girl pets a farmer’s dog. The family then play outside a country pub. Portrait shot of an elderly woman tending her garden. She digs up potatoes in her garden. A younger woman feeds a calf. A cow is covered in flies. Shots follow of cows, a horse, geese and a hen, and sheep crossing a country road. A girl hurries down a hill with a toddler, following the sheep. The sheep run around on the moors.

The mother and one daughter are in a copse. The father and both daughters collect dry sticks. Next, they jump up and down on a wooden bridge. The mother waves from some trees. [The woman may be Ailsa Cole who appeared in the Newcastle ACA production, ‘All’s Well or Love Amongst the Chickens’.]

General view of a farm.

A military band of drummers lead a parade towards camera.

The couple (previously seen) walk across a wooden bridge.

A four-man crew row by on a river. Group portrait of the rowers beside a tent.

[over-exposed footage]

Two girls play on a beach in their school uniforms, digging in the sand. Waves roll onto the beach.

Two elderly, well-dressed man and woman are out walking.

[over-exposed footage]

A dog plays on the beach at Longsands, Tynemouth. Shot of Tynemouth pier with crane. A tug boat guides a Royal Navy warship into the Tyne. Shot of the ship from a rowing boat, possibly filming with Newcastle ACA members.

A woman in a fur-collared coat poses on a cliff-top, possibly near Cullercoats.

A man with his trousers rolled up is wading in a river, prodding with his walking stick.