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NEFA 21742



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A home movie made by Chris Lawson shows family holiday at Sandsend near Whitby and a cross country race taking place at Rossall School, Fleetwood in Lancashire.

The film opens with general views of a small countryside stream, which feeds into a pond which then links to another larger pond seen in the distance.

The camera settles on the trees of a nearby wood and pans right showing the larger pond once again. A short travelling shot takes us by some rose bushes to a view of a stone bridge in the distance.

A seaside scene at Sandsend follows with people bathing in the shallows. A woman and a girl stand at the waters edge, the film cuts to a woman with a dog on a lead. More general views follow showing people playing in the shallow water or playing on the beach. Above the beach area is a promenade along which traffic passes.

Bathers gather in a very grey sea under overcast skies. Another cut to a panning view taken from the far side of the road on the promenade. A woman stands next to the open door of a Bedford van, a young boy sits at the wheel.

The film changes to a  man holding a movie camera towards the film's camera. A panning view follows of hills in the distance across open countryside.

The film cuts to a cross country race as number of boys in running kit pass by the camera. The film cuts to a roadway between buildings as the runners head towards the camera and follow the road by a wall into the distance.

The film ends as across a field a lone runner strides out for victory, followed by others who quicken their pace with the end in sight.