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NEFA 21744



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A home movie made by Chris Lawson of the Northumberland County Show taking place at Corbridge and a family holiday to Sandsend.

The film opens with a view of a show jumping event field believed to be the Northumberland County Show. A pack of hounds is lead by a man dressed in hunting tunic riding a horse. He rides past bales of hay which have been placed on the field as obstacles. 

The film then cuts to a man who enters the same field riding a bullock. In the distance we see the man and bullock negotiate one of the jumps set out for a show jumping event.

Following the jumping event, farrier's are filmed at work hammering red hot metal on anvils. In close up, one of the farrier's places a newly made shoe onto a horses hoof and secures it with special tacks or nails.

General views follow of agricultural machinery on show that are on display amongst other marquees where various businesses promote their wares. One in particular is that of the agricultural machine retailer Tommy Carr of Horsley Ltd. A board advertising the company is filmed.

The film changes to show a small child sits in a push chair next to the shoreline at Sandsend near Whitby. A view follows of Whitby and a lifeboat heading past the pier near the harbour as it  returns to the lifeboat station. The lifeboat is manoeuvred into position and winched back into the lifeboat house.

The film cuts to the beach back at Sandsend, where a man armed with a film camera films four people in a small rowing boat just offshore.

The film ends with a man playing with a dog on the beach.