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YFA 5689



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This is one of several award winning films made over a seven year period by Bill Davison of Selby Cine Club.  This is an enigmatic and highly crafted film, a study of the fantasies of a disturbed young man who appears to be sexually stimulated by the rituals and symbols of Catholicism, and experiencing an inner conflict with an alternate version of himself.  The film was selected as one of Movie Makers "Ten Best." as well as won the Best Editing Award for 1975.  The film is accompanied by the music of Tangerine Dream (probably Phaedra).

Opening Titles – Pete Steggall in
Bill Davison's

The film begins showing empty milk bottles at the bottom of an outdoors stairway leading to a first floor flat.  Inside the flat, a young man watches watching a Catholic service taking place on television as he lays on a bed.  He sits up naked on his bed and looks forlornly out of the window.  The film contains graphic content which illustrates his conflict.  At the height of conflict, the man’s former self smashes a Virgin Mary statue onto the ground, and his current self lies on the bed with the statue in pieces.  Meanwhile the service continues on the television.  He looks at the head of Mary with tears in his eyes.  There is a close up shot of one of his eyes, and the film ends as the camera pans away from his flat.

Title – Sanctum

The film was shot partially on location in the Yorkshire Moors.