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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film explaining how to use the Sampson Stripper and how it works.

Title - Mavor Coulson introduces
The Sampson Stripper for continuous longwall mining

Opening with footage of the Sampson Stripper in use in a coal mine, a narrator explains how the machine is applied to long wall mining.

Without the Stripper, the old method of mining is demonstrated by a miner who does it by hand.

Title - How the Sampson Stripper is applied to continuous longwall mining
an animated sequence describing the layout and method of operating The Sampson Stripper
based on tests carried out in the wellknown [sic] Parkgate Seam, with a height of five feet - length of retreating face 100 yds.

Animated drawings are shown to explain how the Stripper moves along underground and ploughs the coal.

Title - We now go into the Parkgate Seam to watch the machine at work. A rate of stripping of two tons a minute has been achieved.

Back in a coal pit, it is shown how the miners prepare to use the machine by firstly putting support props up. The narrator explains that Yorkshire is advanced in mining because it has the Sampson Stripper.

Title - Acknowledgement is made to the National Coal Board for permission to make this film, and to the co-operation given by the management and men of the Elsecar Main Colliery South Yorkshire.
Title - The film was produced by The W.M. Larkins Studio (in association with the Film Producers Guild)
Title - Director: William Larkins
Photography: Josef Ambor, R. Dinsdale
Animation: Peter Sachs, Nancy Hanna
Western Electric Sound Recording
Title - The End