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NEFA 13868



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An amateur film made by Tom Johnson of the Billingham and District Cine Club giving a taste of the outward bound, sporting, and craft activities on offer at Billingham Technical College.

The film opens with a close-up of a sewing machine head stitching a seam. A woman operates the machine with a hand-winding mechanism.

Some young men queue at a sweet shop and drinks bar. One of them is holding a cigarette. View of a canteen, where young men and women sit with mugs of tea and smoke. Close-up of three brightly coloured tea cups sitting on a Pepsi-Cola tray. The mugs are carried over to a table. Close-up of a woman smiling, and then a man enjoying a sip of his tea.

Still of a graphic of a racing cyclist.

The camera focuses on a silhouette of a cyclist who pedals an exercise or training bike. Young men cycle on racing bikes along a moorland road; the road zig-zags up a steel hill, one of the young men falls off. After some hard cycling and some bike pushing, the group speed down the other side of the hill.

Still of a graphic of a canoeist.

A Morris van towing a canoe trailer pulls up on a grassy verge on a country road. Wooden canoes are unloaded from the trailer, and laid at the river’s edge. The young men canoe around the river and carry out capsize drills. One of the young men canoes through fast running water. The canoes are loaded back on to the trailer.

Engines are started on a model plane. View of the plane, a model of a bomber, flying.

Young lads play football in front of school buildings.

Tennis: serving practice and a short rally.

Young boys play cricket.

Dogs are shown as a netball game takes place in the background. Close-ups of sitting dogs, including a German Shephard, and a Dalmatian. A group of men and women in sports whites sip tea behind a wire mesh grille.

A badminton game is underway in a sports hall.

Still of a graphic of an archer.

A bow and arrow is fired at a target, as a young man and a young woman watch. There is a close-up of the target.

A young woman is presented with a silver trophy. She and a group of other young women then drink out of it from straws.

View of a bagpiper.

Older men and women take part in a folk dance.

Weight lifting: teenagers wearing black lift barbell weights. One of the young men has gel-slick black hair. Close-up of one of the teens’ wincing faces as he bench presses. Dumbbells.

By the side of a rain-slick residential street, a girl bounces a ball along the pavement. The ball rolls out on to the road, a truck screeches to a halt having knocked down a young woman. Stage blood and gore covers her forehead.

Indoors, a wound is attended to; a bandage is applied.

Still of a karate fight graphic.

Two women casually stroll among sand dunes. Suddenly a man in a dark suit runs out and tackles one of the women who grabs his arm and throws him over her shoulder to the ground. In a sports hall, a judo match is under way. Students practise throws.

Women in swim suits work out, performing stretches and aerobic exercises.

Pot plants are suspended on a large white peg board which is labelled, “Billingham Amateur Gardening Club”. An audience of older men and women watch a demonstration of seed planting. Close-ups of some of the plants.

A chess match is being played. Shots of a billiards game.

A band is performing. View of the drummer’s beating drumsticks. A Dutch flag is attached to the top of the double bass. Down below the stage, dancers swing and drift around the room. A saxophonist plays at the front of the stage.

A man and woman pass through a doorway where a poster advertises a Youth Drama Festival.

Credit: Photograph by Billingham and District Cine Club

Credit: THE END