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YFA 3927



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This is a film of events at the Salute the Soldiers week in Stanley Urban District on 13th May 1944. Money for the cause is raised at the event, and the soldiers take part in marches through Stanley.

Title - Stanley Urban District Salute the Soldier Appeal 13th May 1944.

A man wearing a soldier's uniform stands in front of a Union Jack flag and board with money totals along the side. The totals start at £5000 and go up to £50,000. Stanley Salute the Soldier's week May 13th-20th.

Inside a hall, three long tables have been placed around the outside of the room where men sit eating a meal together. Men wearing suits and soldiers uniforms walk out of the building and stand on the steps. In front of the money board chart, a man stands at a microphone and gives a speech. In front of the man is a single row of people seated facing towards the gathered crowds. A man in soldier's uniform moves the target indicator to £15,000 and addresses the crowds in front of him.

Rows of women in uniform stand to attention. In front of rows of service men and women are crowds of manly women and children. Two women speak to the crowds over the microphone. Next to the mark on the money board at £15,000 are names of countries (Brussles).

The crowds of women and children look on as the men and women soldiers march on in a procession past the brass band. The soldiers on the stand in front of the money board salute the soldiers as they march past.

Younger boys and girls cadets march in the procession. They are followed by a marching band. Crowds of women and children gather to watch the procession pass.

The money board Stanley Salute the Soldiers week May 13th to 20th. Soldiers in uniform stand in front of the Union Jack and are smiling.

Title - The End.