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YFA 2296



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne that documents fundraising events for the "Salute the Soldier Week" held at Chapeltown, a village on the outskirts of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, during the Second World War.

The film opens in the centre of Chapeltown where a target board shows that the 'Salute the Soldier Week' aim is to raise £30,000. A parade which includes nurses, policemen, the ATS (Womens Auxiliary Territorial Service) and American troops marches through the village, led by a brass band. The parade ends in Chapeltown Park where a Major gives a speech from the bandstand.

At Newton Chambers, the huge steel and chemical factory based just outside the village, children are given rides on the factory's train, which has 'Salute the Soldier' banners attached to the side of it. A cartoon on a board encourages people to throw sponges at the faces of Hitler, Franco and Mussolini. On the station platform a group of American GI's walk to the camera, one of them then smiles and salutes. More American GI's hold a basketball game for the crowd and a small dog joins in the fun as they play.

An ARP (Air Raid Precaution) Unit performs fire drills on a field. They light a huge bonfire then work together to put it out as quickly as possible.

Home Guard officers use the centre of the Chapeltown village to carry out mock fights using smoke bombs and dummy guns, and pretending to shoot one another across the village streets. A large crowd gathers to watch. Some first aid exercises are also carried out. The film closes at the village pub where there are some final Home Guard exercises. A number of the Guard get pulled into the first floor window by ropes, one sits on the window sill and smiles to the camera.