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This film documents a fund raising event for the Green Howards, an infamous Yorkshire regiment. Salute the Soldier week features a procession from international regiments, speeches from senior military leaders (Charles De Gaule is possibly in attendance) and local dignitaries. Other fund raisings schemes include an open air service.

Title - To the Green Howards.

Title - "Our qualities and deeds must burn and glow through the gloom of Europe until they become the veritable beacon of its salvation" The prime minister.

Title - War brought us peace; in tears and tribulation. In blood and sweat died feuds of creed and castle. The flames sprung up and found a living nation. Single to meet its finest hour at last.

Title - Salute the Soldier.

Title - France. Far East. North Africa. Europe

The film opens with soldiers marching down a street in Beverley. High ranking army personnel (possibly including Charles De Gaule) and local dignitaries, move past the crowds which line the pavements. A brass band also marches along, followed by other servicemen from different military divisions; some include foreign regiments.

The dignitaries gather, including (what may be) Charles de Gaulle, on a rostrum in the centre of town and make speeches to the crowd. A march past then takes place and people have gathered along the pavements to watch and some clap as they pass. High ranking military officials stand by a board that states that £50,000 has been raised for the Green Howards.

An elevated panning shot captures a vast crowd seated in deck chairs on a green outside a grand building. A priest gives an open air sermon beside the entrance of the grand house with a cluster of people around him.

On a street in Beverly, various service personnel such as soldiers, Air Raid Precautions members, Home Guard members and Nurses perform a march past with a senior official saluting from a rostrum; large crowds have also gathered along the pavements to watch.

A brief shot captures the Lord Mayor of Beverly making a speech into a microphone, before leaving the stage with a senior officer, and the pair stand by the target board, which is currently at £50,000. The senior officer then also makes a speech and there are shots from the crowd's perspective. The officer then inspects the various agencies.

The following sequence captures a physical training display from the Air Training Corps (ATC). Organised displays are performed, which include gymnastics and acrobatics.

Back in the centre of Beverley and soldiers march down the street, past the crowds and the rostrum. The streets are decorated with bunting strewn from above. The filmmaker then captures various shots of the impressive crowd turned out to watch the senior officials and local delegates make speeches from the rostrum.

Horses are led round large a circular formed crowd. A close up then shows a young boy with a cow and a horse with an ornate harness. Back in the centre of Beverly and military vehicles drive past the crowds followed by the armed forces, which include both British and American troops. A brass band follow before a march past takes place, and senior officials salute from the rostrum.

An American senior military official then makes a speech from the rostrum, with the Lord Mayor and another senior military official behind him. The officials then leave the stage and other speakers address the crowd including a French General. The final shot captures a sea of the crowd's heads.