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YFA 757



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A film showing a 'Salute the Soldier' week in Bradford taken by an amateur filmmaker during the war. The aim of 'Salute the Soldier' week was to raise funds for the war effort. Activities included military parades from members of the war agencies, and sporting performances.

The film opens with a still of a coat of arms (a ram and a stag with the words 'Labor Omnia Vincit') and a programme for 'Salute the Soldier June 10th-17th, 1944 Price Threepence'. The programme is opened to reveal some of the week's events such as 'Henry V - Agincourt Day on June 10th'.

There is a large hoarding outside Bradford Town Hall entitled Salute the Soldier, with caricatures of German enemies on it.

A parade that includes a naval band and troops makes its way through the city centre. A large crowd have gathered on the pavements. They watch the parades and listen to speeches given from a stage that has been erected in the city centre. On stage the mayor, W Barraclough, is joined by Sir Anthony Eden, who gives a speech and inspects the troops.

The programme page is turned to reveal 'Haig - Combrai Day', listing the times of events.

On 'Alexander Burma Day, June 16th' the film shows a military women's parade led by a pipe band.

The film then moves to Lister Park where a large crowd of spectators sit on deckchairs to watch a show featuring children's fancy dress competition. Each contestant walks out onto a promontory at the front of the stage: they include a chimney sweep, a cowboy and an old lady. The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Alderman Cecil Barnett, gives out prizes to the winners. Other entertainments include a man giving a song recital accompanied by a women on piano to the crowd and a girl performing a tap dance routine. Six children then perform another dance act together, and are then followed by ventriloquist. A beauty contest takes place and a small orchestra plays whilst prizes are handed out to the winners.

The film closes with the end of the Morecambe to Bradford cycle race: it is raining and one cyclist falls off just before he crosses the line.