Film ID:
YFA 1420



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This black and white film was made for the centenary (1853-1953) of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd. Textile mill and depicts the factory’s employees taking a seaside trip.

The film begins with a sign which reads “Blackpool trip, Victoria Hall, Saltaire: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Only. 15th, 16th, 17th July.”  Employees walk down the steps of the factory, smiling to the camera and talking amongst themselves. Following this, there are various other shots of the factory exterior with employers walking around, many of the men smoking and wearing flat caps. Some men at the factory wear overalls. The Union Jack flies above an arch, the camera then moving downwards to reveal numbers which read “1853 1953 - 100 years” followed by close ups of each individual set of numbers. There is a smoking silhouetted chimney and greenhouses next to the factory.

A train then pulls into a station (marked with code M937). Employees wait on the platform to board the train. Many of the women wear patterned dresses and cardigans, some peep toe flat shoes, some have kitten heels. Once they have got on, they talk, laugh, and drink tea. Everyone looks very excited. They also play cards, and one man applies lipstick whilst looking into a compact. People also read newspapers and there looks to be a lot of laughter. A railway employee pours tea. One couple has a large pile of empty beer bottles sat in front of them on their table. A middle aged woman kisses a man on the cheek for the camera.

The passengers arrive at Blackpool Central station and stand in a smiling congregation in front of the camera. They then pass through the ticket barriers and exit the station. Another train (M935) arrives and delivers yet more workers to their destination.

People walk along the promenade, one group in a long line with linked arms. There are often trams passing in the background. Employees enjoy the town’s attractions, for example, sitting in a car with a painted background behind for a photo opportunity, looking at stalls and watching a street performance (involving a woman in a white swimsuit), going to a bar and riding on Blackpool Pleasure Beach rides. There is also one man who has seemingly fallen asleep on a bench. There is a sign for “The Show of Shows” starring Eve Boswell and Harry Seacombe. Employees sit in the audience of a dark theatre.

The camera shows the view from Blackpool tower as it ascends, giving an aerial view of the town, followed by shots from the lift descending.