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Made by Henry Foster and William Holden, this is the story of Stanley Barahm, a man who is the black sheep of his family.  When he leaves home, Stanley runs into an ex-champion boxer who trains him to be strong and self-reliant.  After the family treasure is stolen, Stanley helps to hunt down the culprits, changing the way the family think of him.  The film was shot in York and includes many intertitles to help tell the story.  

Title – York Amateur Film Society Presents
Title – Saltley Treasure by Wm Holden
Title – The story of how Stanley Barham achieved manhood and helped to find a treasure.
Title – Stan Barham who was brought up by his Aunt Julia

There are a few people seated on a bench, one of whom is Stan.

Title – is being discussed by the family.
Title – Uncle George calls him a “Mistake.”
Title – Then Uncle Henry calls him “Ladylike.”
Title – Stanley goes off in a “huff.”
Title – His sisters, Violet and Bertha, try to restrain him but he shakes them off.

Stanley walks away from his sisters, down a country path.  There, he finds man who has made a small camp.

Title – The camp of… Jerry Walker, travelling tinker and ex-champion boxer.
Title – Stanley arranges to stay at the camp as a paying guest.

Stanley and Jerry speak outside his tent, making arrangements for Stanley to stay.

Title – Daily boxing lessons for three weeks, and the open air life – 
Title – makes Stanley harder and more self-reliant!

Now wearing boxing gloves, both men begin to spar and Jerry begins his lessons.  Stanley is knocked down a few times, but each time gets back up.  There is a wooden fence which can be seen in the background.

Title – Tom Dixon, a poacher, is ordered off the estate by Mr. Saltley.

Tom Dixon, armed with a rifle, tries to shield himself by a tree. Saltley runs towards him.  

Title – A struggle takes place and Mr. Saltley is murdered!  

The struggle is shown as Dixon shoots Saltley.

Title – Violet and Bertha hear the shot and dash up.

The two women run towards Saltley who is lying on the ground.

Title – They are entrusted with a letter containing half the treasure… chart!
Title – Which they take to Saltley Manor.

One of the sisters holds the dying man in her arms.

Title – Picnic party in the grounds of Saltley Manor.  Diana Saltley walks off alone.  

Diana walks off towards what looks to be a secluded area.

Title – Diana Saltley is attacked by two ruffians but Stanley comes to the rescue.

The two men hide in wait and attack Diana as she walks by.  The struggle takes place on the riverbank, and coming to the rescue, Stanley pushes one of the attackers into the water.  

Title - … the poacher escapes.

The other man runs along the riverbank in his escape.

Title – a Farmhouse in Sand Hutton.  Peggy O’Brien at the pump.

A woman stands at a water pump.

Title – Lawyer Dawson arrives with a letter for Peggy.
Title – Peggy’s Uncle Andy McPherson calls Peggy.

Uncle Andy calls the woman over, and together with the lawyer, they read the letter.

Title – Peggy finds she is co-heiress to the “Saltley Treasure.”
Title – We must go to Saltley Manor.

Back at Saltley Manor.

Title – Hugh, Stanley, and Bertha are examining Hugh’s half of the chart.    
Title – Hugh says, the other half is to be disclosed to us this year.

Outside, they examine the chart.

Title – Peggy O’Brien, with her Uncle, Lawyer, and Cousin Phyllis, arrive with the other half.  

Arriving at Saltley Manor, they greet the others already gathered there, many shaking hands with each other.  

Title – Behind a busy, Tom Dixon and Luke Brown listen-in.
Title – they decide to the first on the “Spot.”

The group, holding both parts of the letter, walk off to find the treasure.

Title – Peggy’s sister decides to also be first on the spot.

The woman runs ahead.

Title – Phyllis first finds the treasure.

Phyllis walks along the city walls to an alcove where she finds a hidden pouch.  

Title – Phyllis examines the treasure.
Title – I’ll take it to Peggy and Hugh.

She walks along the top of the wall to take the treasure to Peggy.

Title – Tom Dixon and Luke arrive too late.

The men walk along the bottom of the walls.

Title – Stanley and Hugh give chase.

There is a chase scene and the men are tackled.

Title – Luke Brown is captured by Andy McPherson.

One of the men is apprehended.

Title – The struggle on the City Walls.
Title – In the grip of the law.
Title – Luke Brown is added to the bag!

 A policeman shows up to make an arrest.  The men are handcuffed and escorted away along the city walls.

Title – Stanley eagerly awaits is lady love.

Stanley paces along the side of the road.  A woman arrives in a car, gets out, and they walk along the road to a wooden fence.  Here, they sit on top of the fence and talk.  

Title – Auntie objects to me marrying yet.
Title – Well lets [sic] elope Diana!
Title – Alright!  To-morrow morning at eleven.

Stanley helps Diana off the fence, and they embrace.

Title – The Elopement

Stanley is there to help Diana sneak away.  She climbs over a brick wall and gets into a car waiting nearby.  

Title – And then away to Home… Happiness and Love!

The car drives off down the road.

Title – The End.